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High FT4

Hello. I have just joined and hoping someone can put my mind at rest. I have an overactive thyroid and am waiting for an appointment to have the iodine pill. Before Christmas my FT4 was at 24 and my endocrinologist prescribed 10mg carbimazole daily. After about 4 weeks I started to feel a lot better. However, my husband was taken into ICU in February and what with being sick with worry, I have to admit my remembering to take my pills was not something I did. When I went for a blood test 2 weeks ago my FT had risen to 43.4. The endo phoned me to ask if I had been taking the carbimazole which I had to admit I hadn't remembered all the time. He said that the stress and worry and not taking the prescribed dose had resulted in the rise and put me on 30mg a day. My husband thankfully is on the mend now but I feel really unwell again, worse than before. I'm quite worried with this high result. Has anyone else experienced this? 

I am taking the pills religiously now but it's been a fortnight and I don't feel any improvement yet 

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JW1952, it's the high FT4 which is making you feel awful.  It'll probably take a few weeks before your levels drop down into range when you'll feel better.  In the meantime try not to push yourself too hard and try to rest as needed.


Thank you. I am struggling a little with trying to rest up as my hubbie is home from hospital now but can do very little for himself at the moment so I'm trying to look after myself and care for his needs. Hopefully it won't be too long before the pills bring my levels down.  



Don't be tempted to stop taking Carbimazole when you feel better.  Make sure you have blood tests every 6-8 weeks as Carbimazole dose may need regular adjustment to prevent you becoming overmedicated. It can take 9-18 months to re-regulate your thyroid after which you may be able to enjoy remission.

I hope your husband makes a good recovery too.


Thanks Clutter. I will continue taking them as directed by my endocrinologist and have regular blood tests. Thank you for your good wishes for my husband x 

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