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'Named Patient'?

Hi there, I've just written to my GP to let him know I've been privately diagnosed with Hashimotos. I mentioned that it was possible to be prescribed NDT on the NHS on a named patient basis, but he says he has never heard of this and can't find any information on it and has asked me if I can find out any information about it and he'll try to help.

Does anyone know anything about the process or know where I can find any guidelines or anything that I can pass on to him?


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You're very unlikely to get that prescribed, Thyroxine is the drug of choice according to the RCP and BTA guidelines. I think your GP would need to provide a private prescription which will be expensive.

To be honest you should try Thyroxine as it works for the majority of hypos.

Perhaps post up your blood test results?


Thanks, I didn't try Levo as it hasn't worked too well for my Mum and I'm hoping to avoid the same problems. Clutter sent me the link to Thyroid uk that explains the process so hopefully it'll work. Wish me luck!


Lozzie611, your GP may not be familiar with the acronym NDT, but he will probably have heard of Armour, Naturethroid or Erfa.

Although unlicensed drugs can be prescribed by your GP please be aware that your GP is not obliged to assume the personal risk of prescribing unlicensed drugs.


Yes, I did have to explain what NDT was! Thanks for the link, I've printed it off to give him - wish me luck.


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