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Is there a link between Hashimoto's and parathyroid disorder?

Hello, my first post here. I have had Hashimoto's disease diagnosed in 1996/7 (aged 34/35) though the symptoms had been ongoing for approx 18 months before diagnosis.

This has been managed since then on 150mg levothyroxine daily since then. I am concerned about muscle cramps and spasms in hand, legs and feet also occasionally in my back. Have spoken to GPs over the last few years I have experienced this, alas no-one seems to have any idea what causes it.

Just a week ago I developed really bad ache in my stomach radiating to lower gut. I initially assumed that my IBS was having a flare up (nothing unusual for me) However, it has not followed the usual pattern and the cramping around my midriff is still going on, worse if I try to eat or drink anything. No vomiting (apart from reaction to painkillers prescribed) Had bloods taken on Friday and appointment with GP at 5.30 to discuss results. fingers x'd.

Anyone out there who has experienced similar?

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Why do you think there is a parathyroid problem ? have you had abnormal calcium/PTH blood results ?

The thyroid and parathyroid are not connected although some people with PTH disease also have thyroid disease but as thyroid disease is so common this is not surprising.

Your muscle probs could be calcium related or possibly a vitamin deficiency.


What is your level of FT3 ? The second highest amount of T3 receptors line the gut - second only to the brain :-)


As you no doubt know, cramps in hands and feet could be due to hypocalcaemia from hypoparathyroidism

Apparently, "collateral damage" from autoimmune thyroiditis to the parathyroids is rare. My GP appears to be rather fierce with the Occam's razor (i.e. denies rare conditions could affect l'il ol' me) and no parathyroid hormone (PTH) test was included last time (but that may be because the surgery couldn't deliver the sample to the lab, pronto).

My calcium level has been under range for the last three tests and some guidelines state there should be a PTH test following the first. I've had slight finger paraesthesia for the past six months and some cramping more recently. For the past fortnight or so I've had what feel like muscle strains in neck and flank and almost permanent brain fog instead of a wave that would cause a crash.


Well blood results came back with"nothing significant to show" except a marker for inflammation so I'm no being sent for a scan to check for stones I think??? "If that shows nothing untoward, the next step will be a scope to have a look to see what's going on in the gut" Still in pain, mainly a dull ache with occasional bursts of more intense pain. Guess I just suck it and see. Thanks folks for all the responses, I appreciate you taking the time. 😊


Caroltoots, I have suffered since I was 26.9 years after I was cured of Hepc. I believe you are right!!!!! At 26 I had a hard time walking upstairs exhausted for 3 yrs. Then it started to get better. However at 36 I had to have a complete hysterectomy because I had 100 cysts on my ovaries. I had 11 laporoscopys for cysts prior to that. I had a fever between 99.5 and 100.5 for 5 years didn't go away and encephalopathy to boot. Very scarey. Then at 46 it started again only it stared my mitral valve to regurgitate. The encephalopathy started again . Spondylosis avascular necrosis of femorals 2 more valves regurgitating, aortic and tricuspid. And and arthro sclerosis. I kept all my blood work since I turned 47 because I was convinced I would die before they figured out what I have and multiple times I ended up with hyperparathyroidism but I also have thyroiditis all over which I believe is Hashimoto's because I obviously have some autoimmune disease that keeps blowing my skin up and have edema all over my body doctors really need to be educated on how vast this is and start recognizing it at its onset before it ruin somebody else's life I'm now fighting for my grandkids and my children


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