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Scientists identify cause of multiple miscarriages for first time

As miscarriages have been mentioned here so many times, I thought this article (and the paper behind it that is linked to) might be of interest.

There are quite a lot of comments - some (inevitably) from people with little thought or care for others. If you read them, don't expect them all to be to your taste.

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Hi Rod, I thought I posted a response hours ago but I'll repeat it now. The first two comments were exactly what I was thinking. Why not find out WHY there are fewer stem cells. The body ALWAYS has a reason for its responses. I suppose that is more difficult to accomplish without thinking holistically and then, too, biomedical engineers will have something to sink their teeth into. I would be very annoyed if those 183 women also had either adrenal or thyroid dysfunction. The medical profession must, must, must get the initial problem corrected before they start on experimental techniques. They certainly are not doing this for people with chronic disease IMHO. (in my humble opinion) ((I read your reproof)):)


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