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hypothyroidism and medical records

Hi again, just received my medical report from hospital ,ordered all my mri 's xray etc. so what they sent was something i did'nt expect which was a ultra sound scan i had on my thyroid dated 2010... seems they don't tell you anything about the scan only it was ok.. so reading my results i find there is numerous small cysts and nodules throughout. a well defined homogenus 4mm hypoechoic area is seen below the left thyroid gland. this may be a small thyroid nodule .parathyroid or lymph gland node.. and what the hell does a heterogenous texture mean.? what i sent for was spinal medical reports but i found this interesting. ? any one know what this all means i have the cd.s but cant get to look as yet.. any one cyper this in to english for me...

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Heterogenous texture may indicate autoimmune thyroid disease ie Hashimoto's or Graves Disease.

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Ohhhhhhhhhh right...........cheers . yep yr right thts exactly what i have clutter... didnt no i had nodules and what ever else .? now having probs swallowing when i eat.. does any one get a hoarse throat mine feels raw and dry all the time.. cant seem to clear it.. sick of trying to cough what ever is there.. WHO else gets this.. tsh is ok. just had check up.. thanks anyway


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