Danni minogue

Danni minogue Lost Weight with hypothyroidism first ive ever heard but as she says in all interviews that sometimes you loose weight i used to be size 8 now 14 i think ive had this years but was losing weight before now im a little fatty but mostly its fluid retention

Anyone else suspect when they were thin and had high metabolism it still might of been low thyroid

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  • I am skinny. 166 cm and 52 kg. During worst period was down to 47.

    My cousin was just diagnosed hypo this week. She is very skinny too. So are her two sisters who apparently have hypo or hashimoto as well.

  • Thankyou justina thats something i never knew

  • I know. I wish I was on that part of the disease instead of a sluggish metabolism. Every time I see Sofia vergara too! Besides gorgeous, slim she seems to have to much energy!

  • I know that danni and sofia both eat totally organic foods and i know chemicals and pesticides in non organic food stores fat so maybe theres something in this cos these celebs have cooks and nutritionists and money to buy unprocessed fresh organic foods even restaurants they eat in they can choose ones that cater for organic ... Should we be cutting out these chemicals i wonder

  • Maybe we should all try a fortnight of totally organic food and put up posts to say what results were

  • That would be tricky and expensive but it's a good idea. I follow Sofia on Facebook and she's always eating cakes and drinking coffee. Also she's a fan of ice cream. Maybe she eats properly the rest of the time.

  • 😊

  • i have Hashimoto's and have always been slim. Even when undermedicated I was slim

  • Hi thankyou for letting us know it seems that i have probably neen hypothyroid for years but because i weighed 8 stone i wasnt aware

    Do you have sleep problems ie insomnia like hyperthyroid has

  • Hi ,I have lost a lot of weight when first Hyper and after RAI Hypo.

    I now look anorexic despite a good diet and snacks and Chocolate 😊

    Nothing I do increase s my weight.

    Any suggestions welcome ?


  • Carbs and protein shakes

  • MissThyroid, I've always been slim with low BMI. I suddenly gained 13kg over 9 months and went up 2 dress sizes. 2-3 years later I lost 13kg in 10 months and was diagnosed with Hashimoto's although thyroid levels were euthyroid. I suspect the weight gain and loss were due to Hashi's although I felt very well when I gained weight and wasn't unwell until I was losing it. I've also lost weight on Levothyroxine and only gained when I stopped Levothyroxine, losing it when I resumed Levothyroxine.

  • Thats interesting thankyou its a very changeable condition adrenals play a big part as to if we have stress in our lives that are affecting our healing i certainly get worse then

  • I was very skinny when i was diagnosed with under active thyroid 15 years ago, am now dress size 12/14 i was a size 8.

    i seem to put on weight very easily now and find it very hard to loose my main problem is a roll of flab round my middle that will not budge no matter what i do

    Dotti x

  • I am the same dotti i was size 8 now 14 the fat on abdomen seems like fluid retention do you feel tight fingers bloated under chin also because i think we get a bit fluidy in that area

  • I look bloated one minute (especially the face/chin) then slimmer the next! I've hashis, only diagnosed in Dec, but have had the up and down weight since hitting puberty.

  • Hormones have a mind of their own

  • I am on the thin side and easily lose weight in spite of being hypoT. I would love to put on about a stone but I think it is difficult to gain weight if one is simply not made to do so

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