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Advice needed for coming off Beta Blockers

I was diagnosed with Hashimotos in 2007. After and (unnecessary) reduction in NDT, which caused an episode of tachycardia and hypertension (which landed me in A&E) I was short termly put on low dose Beta Blockers with good effect. I recently tried to come off the Beta Blockers (he only gave me 2 months worth) as advised by my GP (though no advice given as to how to do this). The result after 3 days was palpitations, anxiety and tachycardia (poss hypertension but I'm away from home so I don't know) which sent me running back to them again. I have recently increased my NDT (by half a grain) to 3 grains after advice on here as I have had changes in my results for the past 6 months, after a necessary increase in HRT, having been well for the last 7 years prior to this. Should I wait until I see improvements in my Thyroid results before trying to come of BB's? Does anyone have experience of a successful way of doing this please? Thanks in anticipation for any help, Deborah

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Healthunlocked5989, you could try weaning off by reducing dose to 1 per day for a while and then half per day or 1 alternate days and then taking them on an as and if required basis.


I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.


Hi, it is possible to get shortlived rebound tachycardia/palpitations etc if you stop betablockers suddely but more likely if you are on a high dose for a long period of time as your beta receptors will have 'upregulated' .. Then when you stop the BB your natural 'fight & flight' hormones (noradrenaline) will have more receptors to lock onto and hence a stronger response..... I never think it is wise to alter 2 meds at the same time because it can confuse which of them is the culprit cause of the problem.. I say this in particular because T3 can cause those exact heart issues... every time i tried NDT I developed tachycardia and palpitations... Turns out i convert from t4 to ft3 just fine and never needed the extra T3 in NDT. So i was overdosing myself.. Anyway.. Bottomline .. Would say just do one thing at a time .. Hope that helps .. Best of luck :-)

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I found on startingT4 i was getting angina type syptoms.After various tests i was given 1.25 mcg beta blockers .After a year i was still getting an ache ,although much weaker, when exerting myself up hills so just gone to 2.5 mcg and it seems to be helping.

Some 20 plus years ago a GP wrote a book which mentions angina pains following starting levo and beta blockers as the solution.

why do you want to stop taking them?


Thank you for your advice everyone. All in line with my own thoughts on the matter. It was the GP who decided to only prescribe a months worth initially when the amlodopine I was put on in A&E had awful side effects so he took me off that and gave me a short term dose of BB (very low dose) with great effect. I got a further month's supply and was told to come off them so it is more about his decision than mine but I will now go back and plead that we see a good result from the Thyroid blood results before I start mucking about then come off as advised = very slowly! I don't want to go through that again! I'm surprised the GP didn't advice as you have done...

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I've been better since coming off ALL medications except my Levothyroxine.

Too many different or WRONG Meds, mess with endocrine/liver and brain - you didn't give the name of the Beta Blocker - check it out on Drugs.com - compare it for reaction/ counter actions against anything else you taking.

Scroll all the way down the page, there is a lot of info that is not apparently obvious at top of page.

I take Levethyroxine and was put on Propranalol - v bad news for me that was! I refused to take it eventually, even after trying reductions in dosage by the Endo/Liver Consult i also refused to take an alternative suggested, like you I was frightened of potential neurological reaction - already having had a BI over a year earlier. I can differentiate between haemorrhage/Bi Neuro effects and any caused by other means!

NB: I'm not medically qualified - it's just my own personal experience!


HU5989 - you are the epitome of WHY EVERYONE ....................(who is put on a new medication (but given no instructions as happened in your case , - albeit every pharma company puts their own instruction leaflet in the box, which should be read in detail b4 even the 1st dose is taken) - SHOULD CHECK THEIR NEW MED OUT ON DRUGS.COM - just in case they may have a sudden possibly only, adverse reaction as you did.


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