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Self Medicating or Going Private Endo - am I still entitled to keep my medical exemption certificate?

Just a thought about going either down the route of self medicating or seeing a private endo, and buying my meds without a prescription from abroad. Obviously I'll not be under my GP any longer, so won't be obtaining any Levothyroxine via GP prescription. Will I still be able to keep my medical exemption certificate and will the GP sign the renewal when it needs renewing (or don't they need to?).


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I am not quite sure what your history with doctors is, but I assume you must be very frustrated with the lack of assistance (like the majority of us). I spent 5+ months on the crazy medical roller coaster, before giving up on them and taking matters into my hands. The key for me, and many others, is to ensure that you're obtaining credible information and doing lots of research into your specific health issues. Another key is to work on your deficiencies, making sure you get all of your levels into the optimal range. You'd be surprised at how much better you'll feel.

You might also want to keep your GP, as I use mine only to get my blood work done when I need it. She is clueless when it comes to endocrine issues.

Good luck!



Yes you keep the card. I have been self medicating with ndt for years. You still use the card to get other nhs scripts free. Your GP does not sign the card, you send off for the renewal forms and tick the boxes and get the card reissued.

Being on levo is not a condition of the card, having thyroid disease is.

Hope that helps


Thank you both, that answers the question perfectly.

DanteNXS - how do you keep on the doctor's side so you can get your bloods done, as they aren't happy anyway doing the T3 and T4 for me, and they will be back the argument of my TSH being suppressed which I am fed up of hearing. Hence the need for a change now.


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