Where have my eyebows gone?

Where have my eyebows gone?

I went to pluck my eyebrows earlier. With tweezers in hand I took off my glasses, peered myopically into the mirror... and realised it wasn't worth the effort. The even, defined arcs I had are a thing of the past; all I have left are a pair of stunted catkins.

I'm taking Levo religiously, yet seem to be exhibiting more hypo symptoms as the treatment progresses.

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Check your chin. Damn things migrate like birds. ;) Just birds fly back.

Lol, yep got a couple of whiskers just like Michael Finnegan; except when the wind comes up, it doesn't blow them in again...

Or we could rewrite the Pete Seeger song:

Where have all my eyebrows gone?

Long time passing.

Where have all my eyebrow gone?

Long time ago.

Where have all my eyebrows gone,

Low dosed by endos everyone.

When will they ever learn?

When will they ever learn?

I prefer flowers ... as I am one !

Haha gabkad,

but can leave a hell of a mess ! ! ..

Now I like birds .. but our house had a pigeon problem this summer. Now the roof is netted so their nesting efforts have been thwarted.

Sounds like too much testosterone!

Now to find what is working overtime - adrenals or ovaries ? .. .... .


Yes dear Flower, I would consider showing up at the endo appointment after not, ahem, attending to the rather exuberrant growth of said migrant problem on my chin. However, they'd probably wonder if I needed some quality time in the psych ward. Don't think I have not considered a two week hiatus of my not inconsiderable attention to these nasty sprouts. I'd need to wear a scarf over my face like a Wild West train robber while out in public.


Are you sure it is not cat fur stuck on your chin ?


LOL! Now that would be far more colourful.

Have you noticed the chin sprouting can appear overnight? And dare I mention the dreaded lady moustache..... eeeeek

What annoys me most is after plucking it all, then they grow back in waves. So there's always soldiers getting up from the battlefield. It's like 'Whack a Mole'.

My eyebrows are growing like weeds since Ive been on T3, I'm starting to look like Dennis Healey, except thst hes dead. If I didnt crop them on a fegukar basis I wouldnt be able to see wgere I was going. Now, my moustache is thinning out and slowly disappearing.

Scuse typos. Fat fingers.


I am tempted to try T3 too, but will be giving Levo a fair trial first... finding it frustrating that at present I seem worse than I was before diagnosis and treatment.


Can cope with the eyebrows but it's the ones sprouting on the chin that freek me out!!!

Take a look at " Woman With A Beard" by L S Lowrey ............

It will make us all keep plucking !!!!

Hahaha yes and the inner thigh pube migration.

Exactly! It might be a gravity issue...

Ha ha ! yes I know what you mean, I have now got one stubborn hair on my chin which seems to grow overnight......oh the joys of being hypo.....


Losing the outer third of eyebrows is a classic symptom of low thyroid hormones.

When you are optimally medicated and iron & nutrients levels are up, you may find they grow back (a little ). Mine have (a little).


I will be investing in a good eyebrow pencil... I'm never going down the tattoo route. Have you seen some of the horror stories permanently inked on some people!? {{Shudder}}

I have lost mine for over 15 years now and it is awful to have to constantly draw on your eyebrows...one help was BIOTIN which helps you hair and nails grow so you might want to try that. Other than that, being on T3 only...which works for me...but is no cure...what else can you do? Some say rub coconut oil on them every evening and that helps them grow back...good luck. :-)

Ladies you have a least cheered me up! Needed to laugh a little as painful night after new hip surgery on the 14th!

Laughter = good.

Sneezing = deadly. I've had The Cold (now day 10 so should be over with) and have a bad back. Oh lordie! Sneezing was torture.

I'm looking at getting my hip replaced how are you the surgeon knows I need it done but doesn't like the fact I'm 56 yes old he wants me to wait but he says its up to me ??

Hi! The down side of surgery-waiting for your body to heal etc. plus I was very sick for a week-was down to the pain killers but don't know how much of my NDT I've managed to hang onto so pretty tired but getting there!

I had my first hip replaced at 61 and no one said it's too soon but that they are lasting longer these days. I think you have to weigh up the quality of life. I was in so much pain with the first one it wasn't funny and I'm not good with pain killers! I vowed the next one I wouldn't wait as long as it helps if you are good to aid your recovery. This time my walking wasn't too bad but I was in pain getting out of the car. The surgeon asked me why did I think I want it done as already said not as bad as before so I said for years I had struggled with a thyroid problem and now I have changed my meds to NDT I'm raring to go but my hip is dragging me back so he sent me for an X-ray which showed bone on bone so ready to be done anyway! Send me a PM when you make a decision and we can chat more.

Check out micro blading for eyebrows. I've had mine done and they look fabulous

Me too & they look smarter than ever.

I will have a look, I had a fear of 'permanent black marker' brows :)

I have been reading about micro blading, sounds interesting, what was it like to have it done ?

I just went to benefit brow bar , they got my arch back and tinted them, they do look better.


I have always worn a fringe, just growing mine a bit longer !.....

I always have a fringe to hide wrinkled forehead, wonder how long it will be before I grow it to my chin, lol


Makes it a bit difficult to navigate with a chin length fringe; which reminds me, I need a haircut.

Maybe we can plait them


It feels quite strange but it doesn't hurt as an anaesthetic cream is applied. It takes a good couple of hours and you have to look after them very well for a week or so, no water or touching the slight stabbing etc. It makes a big difference

Just watched a video on you tube, interesting



Make sure you are optimally treated and take a good multi vit for skin hair and nails to promote growth. And get a brow kit!

makes one wonder how beneficial thyroxine can be.. having progressively got more and more unpleasant symptoms could it be completely toxic and killing us??

Short answer: no.

YES is the answer so look it up at drugs.com and check out "side effects" of Levothyroxine and any drug you are on....that was enough for me as I had most of them when I was on Levo for 12 years and felt terrible! It is also filled with fluoride which is toxic to the thyroid, perhaps not in the UK but most certainly in the States which is Big Pharma nicely keeping you ill....making sure they get rich off your misery! Do check out Drugs.com to be in the know with what you are actually putting in your body!

Wouldn't be at all surprised - croak.

So resonate with this problem. It could be me! gabkad and joburton :(

I realised I have been applying this cream for years now, but not sure it's doing any good at all, but dare not stop just in case!

It is one of the issues on my list to discuss with the Endo, or is it just an age thing? (The chin I mean - I know the eyebrow thing is a hypo issue).

I lost mine almost overnight too. But I found a brilliant medical Tattooist and now they look better than ever. I was Hypo but now I have sub Hyperthyroidism but no medication as yet. They want to remove my thyroid but I am fighting that as it is not cancerous.

Rachelvc,I had a thyroidectomy many years ago for hashimotos.

The advice given to me then was there was a small risk of the overgrown tissue turning cancerous in later life.

As I was only in my early 30s I decided to go ahead.

Hope this helps,talk it over with the doctor/ surgeon pros and cons.

They are monitoring me at mo. Do u need daily thyroxine? And is it enough? How is the weight ?

Yes I needed thyroxine,But that was because I had cysts very low down in the gland.

I haven't had a weight problem and have gradually increased the T4 from the initial dose of 50 mcg to 150 mcg over 30 years.

I am carrying a little more belly fat than I used to but that may be due to PBC and retirement.

Dont think nine and a half stone is too bad.


Hi there - where/how did you find your medical tattooist and can you give me an idea if costs - i've been thinking about this for a while and when I have some spare cash will invest - I hate my eyebrow loss!

It was ยฃ200 for the first 2 treatment sessions. Now I have a top up about once every 6/8 months at ยฃ100. It isn't cheap but they don't come off overnight so you have no need to feel silly in the morning. I googled and found her in Ashford.

contactme@dianah.co.uk This is in Bethersden st her home near Ashford. Cannot recommend her highly enough. A real perfectionist R xx

What a lovely laugh I've had this morning, thanks everyone :)

Hi Joburtin

I couldn't help but be interested in this subject... I have Graves Disease ... only diagnosed in Sept. 2016 ... and had ALL the classic symptoms of such .. but

I unfortunately have lost almost every hair in my eyebrow line .... How so ?

who can tell me why please ... and how to get them back .

I hope yours do grow back in for you Jo... as we feel bad enough without losing

our distinguishing facial features too.

I was diagnosed with autoimmune thyroiditis in Sept last year... am at the beginning of my recovery journey too madge.

Are you on Carbimazole Madge? If so maybe the dose is too high and you are going hypo.

I am on Carbimazole Silver fairy.. but eyebrows and head hair was falling out long before that ... I've only ever been HYPER ( graves )

apparently it's not unusual !!

and other family members are the same...

Sorry to hear that. I have Graves but the only time I had any hair loss was when I was over medicated on Carbimazole.

It's a struggle isn't it silver Fairy ? And certainly not .. One rule for all.

My doctor was amazed I had graves as he thought I'd many Hypo symptoms !

Until my bloods showed exactly what it was ...

what stage are you at now ?

I'm so desperate to keep my thyroid and I'm doing good on CARBIMAZOLE since sept. 2015

Terrified I go back to Hyper !!


Diagnosed Oct 2010, had B&R for 18 mths. Started to go hyper within a month of stopping. I was never well on it anyway.

Lost faith in Endo at that point as she started pushing for either RAI (are you serious? I have TED!) or surgery (I have right sided heart failure so not keen on having too many ops!)

Persuaded her to let me titrate the Carbimazole which she let me do. I went slow and steady and she had me do blood tests roughly every 12 weeks.

Stopped Dec 2014 and have 'clinically' been in remission since. Although my bloods show Im euthyroid I feel slightly hypo. Worse symptoms - tiredness and muscle weakness.

I could be worse but I could be a damn sight better!!

Yes , silver fairy you could and you should be too !!

I'm sick of it

Well sick of the symptoms anyway

Endo told me a week ago I was

Doing great

I'm taking 15 mg of carbimazole now ... I think that's a lot ... If bloods show I'm no longer Hyper !

Tho I certainly feel pretty hyper !!

I take just about every supplements advised on here .. God knows how I'd feel if I didn't .

Tired and weak would describe me !

Hope you start feeling great soon !! ๐ŸŒน

You too Madge

If we wait long enough hair from everywhere else will just engulf us. I have shares in hair removal cream!

Either that or I could try and rock the moustache and goatee look!

Oh ladies you've done me good this morning, I thought it was just me who was starting to think I could join the circus as the bearded lady! It's driving me mad and I'm sure it's getting worse. I tried laser treatment which didn't work, burned my face and left me with chronic hives, because my very difficult immune system thought I was being attacked apparently!

Ellyblue, I had wondered about laser for dark chin hairs, but stopped and thought about whether there may be scarring and soreness, from having Hashi's. I wondered if the autoimmune thins would cause a reaction. Thanks for sharing that information, I will try other methods!

Mine fell out completely and never grew back. Ended up going for semi permanent make-up, namely natural hair stroke brows. After 12-18 months they'll need a refresh.

Really pleased with them. Also had semi permanent eye liner, now that was painful!

Me too on losing outer third of eyebrows. One sort of positive ............. No underarm shaving anymore. Ermm, I curled up with migration to chin ๐Ÿ˜‚ As reported by other ladies replies. Done me a world of good knowing I'm not the only one with these hairy/less issues. On a more serious note Joburton, I do hope you get your eyebrows back to how you want them. X

I had the best part of 4 decades of reasonably enviable eyebrows, so at least I still have the memories..... (sigh) ; )

I spent the best part of five decades plucking and shaping what was thick bushy brows, now they're the fashion well .......... least said soonest mended. Now other areas need the attention. ๐Ÿ˜€. I'm on t3 and I have to say mine have grown back slightly, so, I hope yours will too. X

i have learnt something new today as i didn't realise that this was a symptom. My eyebrows and eyelashes have got very sparse but. Just put it down to ageing as i am naturally fair haired. Thankfully Clinique and Bobbi Brown have some wonderful products, but without the makeup i do look expressionless! No whiskers yet tho...๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿ˜ณ

I have had good results with a product called Revitabrow . Topical application once a day takes a few weeks to kick in but worth it. I had virtually no eyebrows for last 20 years can't believe I now have growth and reasonable shape.cant say the same for the chin though, daily check needed!

Frenchreikimaster, I read that as Ryvita brow! Haha!

It looks like a good product and I hadn't realised you could get such a thing as eyebrow "conditioner". Will give it a try.

Have used Revitabrow since mid August and each one lasts me around 8 weeks. Been an amazing difference, pity I didn't have a before pic.still thickening up on the inner bits towards the nose but has grown in dark which is great and good condition.

Yes mine have moved to my chin some of them resemble dreadlocks

Dreadlocks! Hahaha!

It's the hairy toes I don't like!

Don't go there! I have become a Hobbit too. I depilate occasionally but it's agonising on the toes.


I certainly have gained 2 things today

1st my disappearing eyebrows & 2nd my hobbit toes

Make that 3 things lol foot long chin hairs ๐Ÿ˜Š

Anybody got calluses on top of thier big toes???

I do & its weird

I clicked on this expecting to see balding eyebrows and was shocked to see eyebrows that look exactly like mine have for the last errrr 10 years?lol

I will see if I can find a photo of what they once were. Ah, those were the days...

Yep, I vaguely remember, in the days before my acne in my 40s...

This is a great thread! I've used "Rapidbrow Enhancing Eyebrow serum" from Boots, Amazon etc. Or cheaper on ebay usually. It's really effective. They recommend using it twice a day, but I've now got it down to once, just to keep them as I want them. And save money!

I may have to try this, I'd given up trying to do anything with mine to be honest.

Hahaha.. Laughter is good therapy!! From hobbit feet to Gandalf beards and bald eyebrows.. You have all made me laugh.. Probably as all of it fits me too but I usually am so embarrassed by it all. Bought myself an expensive facial laser, after spending years paying for electrolysis which obviously hasn't worked) which comes out for chin and moustache (even neck!) every couple of weeks. Eyebrows usually not too bad but my youthful daughter has lost the last third of hers. I asked old doc to test her thyroid and of course it came back in normal range as did mine. Wondering to advise her to try back with new doc given she has has just started me on thyroxine. My daughter already displays many of the features I have suffered from for years. would hate her to go through the pain and hoops I have had to!

There is another laser on the market ladies which I might have bought if I'd known about it before forking out my savings in my Philips one. Think it's called the Nono and you can buy in in chemists. Happy hair removal or relocation of unwanted hair to your missing bits! Soo funny! Thank you ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

I have been brushing on my eye brows for years! I'm 58 and been hypo since age 14! Tried lots of different products over the years, pencils too harsh! I have found the ideal product for me and stocked up on a few just in case they stop making it! I use BareMinerals brow powder in Taupe (they do lots of different colours not just black or brown!) you can put it on lightly and build it up to look natural. My favourite eyebrow brush is from smashbox cosmetics, I never go anywhere with out both these products and never go out with out makeup!

So good to hear everyone's experiences! ๐Ÿ˜Š

Thanks for the recommendations, I may give these a try๐Ÿ˜€

I must have spent loads over the years trying to find the best product and been too embarrassed to ask for help! If you find a good BareMinerals stockist you could try the different shades to see which suits. A good brush helps too I've tried loads smashbox brow brush gets my vote!

Good luck!

Mine too are a thing of the past. Why? It is a thyroid issue but not sure why?

If you hope they'll grow back try here


otherwise cosmetic tattoo eyebrows can look really fab

Good luck ! ;)

Levo doesn't treat many symptoms well. My hair grew back on t3. Eyebrows are not full like they used to be since loosing them initially. Take note of other symptoms that you are having like puffiness etc.. see if you can pinch and lift your skin too. no offense, but your eyes look puffy, i think you may be improperly treated. My eyes look worse.

Sounds like your eyebrows have gone to "Hypo land" ๐Ÿ˜Šjust like mine.

Yes I'm constantly puffy Faith. Believe it or not, it's not too bad in this photo because it was taken at night. Fingers, knees and ankles look like overstuffed sausages. When I saw the endo initially he wasn't very helpful, said I had angioedema with no suggestions to help.

Am having bloods done next week, but regardless of the results will be asking for an increase in 25mcg increments until no longer symptomatic.

This has really made me laugh this morning. I initially went to doctor because my face was puffy and my eyebrows were falling out. He gave me levo and I felt much, much worse. Actually, having done all of my bloods they then went off down an another autoimmune route ( I have hashis and lupus). However, I am CONVINCED that I felt fine until I started taking levo and that the issue is my thyroid. Even when they raised my dose of levo, I didn't feel any better. Recently, somebody suggested I take some t3 to see if symptoms improved. For 2 months I've had more energy since this all started last April. The t3 is brilliant (although apparently my bloods don't show that I need it) and my eyebrows have grown back a bit.

That was until the weekend. I had a very stressful day on Friday, on Saturday I felt dizzy and really not well, and now I'm back to moving like a snail and puffy eyes. I am hoping and praying that this is just a blip!

Ask about t3. Even if your bloods apparently show you are converting ok, it might help. My doctor is very good and listens to symptoms to prescribe.

Good luckxx

Well mine grew back when on Armour but have gradually disappeared since back on levothyroxine even with T3 added๐Ÿ˜ช

just like mine have been for years! I have had never ending trouble with levo and been up or down for 30 years. Just a few months ago started t3 slow release and even though I am still overweight feel the best i have in years!!!!! try to get a doctor with some expertise in thyroid issues who also practices wholistic health. I am in Australia so no good to refer my doctor. all the best, cheers Sue

Finding a good endo is hard lm in Australia too & l have found they dismiss a lot of symptoms


You have way more than me!!! I have to use an eyebrow pencil. I have a couple hairs at the end of my brows, a few more on the beginning of the brows, and NOTHING in the middle! The hardest thing was trying to cover the once very dark and defined brows with a color that wouldn't contrast against my fair skin and blonde (bottle) hair. It took me months, but I have finally gotten an "acceptable" brow look.

I'm lucky to still have coverage on the inner edge and middle, I was just shocked how the outer edge literally disappeared overnight! Bit worried that it's the beginning of further loss. Beimmunewise, I really feel for you with so few brows left :( x

I hope you get some regrowth with better thyroid treatment.

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