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Thyroid-S from Thailand - did I order the right one?

Could someone please reassure me by PM with where they get this from in Thailand please? The confirmation email wasn't what I was expecting, though they have sent a nice photo of my parcel all tied up with string! I just want to be sure I'll be taking the genuine tablet, as it seems there's more than one person selling it in Thailand.

Thank you.

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Dina7, Thyroid-S is manufactured by Sriprasit Pharma but is sold by many different sellers.

Thyroid-S tablet is a light brown color and shiny. Tablet Anti-Counterfeiting: The coating on Thyroid-S tablets is thin and distinctive and not easily duplicated by counterfeiters.

1,000 tablets Thyroid-S is packaged in a brown glass bottle with metal cap, and with moisture absorber inside, and cotton to fill the extra space in the bottle. The glass bottle is inside a cardboard box with shrink wrap which functions as the security seal. The small packs, ie. 30-250 tablets, are packed in sealed, re-closeable, moisture barrier bags as described in the product listings. The bottle packaging is not available in tablet sizes less than 1,000 tablets.)

Factors affecting storage: The thyroglobulin in Natural Desiccated Thyroid is quite stable for long periods if stored correctly (cold, dry, and dark). Thyroid-S is packaged in a dark glass bottle, which protects the tablets from moisture, oxygen, and light.


I've bought Thyroid-S before (ages ago, don't ask me where from because I can't remember) and I was sent a confirmation email with a picture of the parcel that was being sent. I don't know if it is common practice from Thailand or whether you and I just happened to use the same seller.

If it's from Peter G, that seller always sends a picture of the parcel ready for dispatch.

Thank you all for your replies.

Yes Angel, I was expecting it to be from Peter G but the email is from Natakorn Satrawaha.

Humanbean, I think it was you who gave me the website some time ago so probably we are getting from the same place, I was just expecting it to be Peter's.

Whoever it's from, thanks so much Clutter, I shall inspect carefully when it arrives to make sure it complies with your very full description. Most grateful to you for taking the time to write all that.

Yes, i have emails from the same person, and It was all fine.

G xx

Phew, that's good to know, thank you so much galathea x

Dina7, I cut and pasted it from Peter G's site :)

Can you share a link to buy thyroid s?

Hi lizzy did you get a link I'm also looking ?

Hi please could I have details where you order from as it's my first order and I dubious about all the sites out there any help is massively appreciated I need to get if levo kind regards kerrie


Write a post asking for sources to be sent to you via private message &/or send Dina7 a private message asking where she sourced hers.

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