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Do you want to understand your Metabolism? There hope for us yet!

I found this following article today via the website it was published as a Webmed article:-

Protein Phosphorylation: A Major Switch Mechanism for Metabolic Regulation.

Trends Endocrinol Metab. 2015 Dec;26(12):676-87. doi: 10.1016/j.tem.2015.09.013. Epub 2015 Oct 20.

Humphrey SJ1, James DE2, Mann M3.

Author information


Metabolism research is undergoing a renaissance because many diseases are increasingly recognized as being characterized by perturbations in intracellular metabolic regulation. Metabolic changes can be conferred through changes to the expression of metabolic enzymes, the concentrations of substrates or products that govern reaction kinetics, or post-translational modification (PTM) of the proteins that facilitate these reactions. On the 60th anniversary since its discovery, reversible protein phosphorylation is widely appreciated as an essential PTM regulating metabolism. With the ability to quantitatively measure dynamic changes in protein phosphorylation on a global scale - hereafter referred to as phosphoproteomics - we are now entering a new era in metabolism research, with mass spectrometry (MS)-based proteomics at the helm.

Copyright © 2015 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.


metabolism; phosphoproteome; proteomics; review; signaling

PubMed comprises more than 25 million citations for biomedical literature from MEDLINE, life science journals, and online books. Citations may include links to full-text content from PubMed Central and publisher web sites.


It's a bit of a complicated website, but the admins seem better than me at copying links for direct access to websites and their articles! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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Protein Phosphorylation is the binding of phosphate to proteins to form phosphoproteins.

Oxidative phosphorylation is the metabolic pathway in which the mitochondria in cells use their structure, enzymes, and energy released by the oxidation of nutrients to reform ATP, the molecule that supplies energy to metabolism.

Thank you SAMBS for some heavy but interesting reading.

It seems the metabolic biochemists are somewhat overwhelmed.


Protein Phosphorylation: A Major Switch Mechanism for Metabolic Regulation


Thanks flower. Hopefully I'll also get to bottom of my low platelets if I keep going in my research if you see anything anytime, do let me know pls. S x


Of course SAMBS,

and if you can understand the paper you supplied, maybe you can give us a simple translation.

Lol, Flower.


Oui bien sur! Lol - er NOT! :-)

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....i'll try if serious, failing that ask Grey goose, she ocasionally translates for me if I cant understand what is in French on a prescription leaflet!



I meant into simple English.

Unlike you I can't speak much French.



Thank you SAMBS, if only when a patient repeatedly complains that whatever they do [exemplary diet + exercise regime... you know, the stuff they tell us we should be doing, and how this is followed for years without falter], still there is no meaningful weight loss [or changes to body composition], then such people should be offered the opportunity to be referred somewhere in respect of a metabolic 'challenge'.

We need only look to a woman who is very slim and rather sensible... she puts the enormous, incredulous amount of 4 stone on during the few months of pregnancy and can't really understand why the gain was quite to much. Next time pregnant, she is very careful... eats really carefully and exercises this time but still gains 4 stone. Hormones do all manner of things to humans... blaming the human is ludicrous [unless they really are stuffing their faces all day with rubbish and barely moving]. Incidentally, this example is NOT me: I gained 7 lbs during my pregnancy and my son weighed 8 lbs 2 1/2 oz ;-) Work that one out, CI-CO freaks!

Under the current regime, people are ridiculed, accused of not being truthful or at best ignored. I just hope I am still here when the actual problems are discovered and revealed to the world :-)



Hi Linda C, you hit the nail on the head with a lot of what you say. I have photos here of me as a young child, I was always "plump" not fat. At 15 I cut out ALL Carbohydarates in an effort to lose weight or really to "look slimmer" . Yes it worked, but at what cost to my health? I'd never had a blood test!

If I had a thyroid problem (caused from that gland removal operation when I was a baby) how would I know? And yes when pregnant! put on weight 1/2 stone, then 13/4 months later pregnant again? Yes I had blood tests then, but none discovered thyroid or autoimmunity problems! They confirmed I was pregnant and looked for sugar! Why? Perhaps because I wasn't the correct weight for age and height? Didn't look for anything else!

Pregnancy was the 1st time in my life I Chose to eat fish because I was told it's good for me! I hated fish, but was forced to eat it every Friday at Catholic schools. I have my faith and beliefs yes, love of fish NO! However I started with Birds Eye Fish Fingers! Lol!

Now I like Cod/plaice & chips. Sadly can't get in France, same as in UK, and Scotland serves the best Fish Suppers! :-) sorry English friends here - HOWEVER I will eat mussels, prawns, shrimps, langoustIne. I don't know why I like those, perhaps because their food comes from a natural source, the sea! salt water, mussels cling to seaweed often. What mineral does seaweed contain? Also we are now told sea-salt is better for us! Something I used for years, without knowing why. Just saŵ it in UK and now the French supermarkets, bought it and still do. It's what I add to vegetables when cooking them. Why does salt help keep vegetables green? I don't know, but it does. :-) it's also what I add to chips on the rare occasion I cook them :-)))

Most of Today's salmon is farmed. I never did like Salmon, I wonder why!

Except In days gone by when I loved tinned salmon, with mayonnaise in a sandwich. In those days it was freshly caught and cooked salmon in the tins. Quite expensive but it wasn't freely and cheaply available just like tuna now, and we don't have Tuna Farms do we?

So I wonder why? Nto everything these days! Why are the French slimmer and live longer? They eat a lot of fish, especially crustaceans, the Dutch also!

What do the English/Scottish/Americans eat? burgers and chips I.e. McDonalds? Who hase the worst weight and BMI problems, the Brits and Americans, as far I am aware! Yes I know there is a lot more to diet and nourishment than that!

I can't explain the Spanish or othersI don't live or Study the health and culture there. I am English, live in France, so am from one culture and have the opportunity to study the other! Sadly all western countries these days seem to have the same medical opinion, give them a different med for each and every different health problem as it arises!

My own personal medical research is leading me to the conclusion that most meds for "ordinary everyday problems" are not not absolutely necessary. They destroy the liver, even complicate the Spleen, causing both mental health and blood cell problems, all carried by the

Yes antibiotics help cure an infection.

Yes Thyroxin helps replace the ThyroidStimulatingHormone that SOME don't have for a particular reason. hence the TSH blood test that doctors so insist on relying on. Manyv others sail through life and dont have a Thyroid condition.

But we here, accept and know now, that other health problems,often caused by the endocrine system, which includes organs and reasons I've already mentioned, plus the stomach and bad bacteria in the gut, can lead to several "mental health" problems, I.e. confusion, brain fog, depression, anxiety and more!

TSH tells us if the thyroid is doing what it should. Which is why doctors insist on testing that! If outside the norms, they ignore it unfortunately the that's when the FREE T3 and FREE T4 tells us if one is converting to the other or not - plus adding Vitamin B12 and the Ferritin/folate tests tells us if our Endocrine system is getting the correct nourishment or not - full circle back to the salt and fish!

My pharmacist told me NOT to eat Pork! What do pigs eat and where? A load of rubbish I.e Pig Swill.

cows eat grass, sheep eat grass - both eat hay also, now many of the agricultural chemically produced additives have been banned or been stopped from spraying onto the crops to the soil! Ever wondered why?

It all goes into the food we eat, as do preservatives, colourants, additives I to the pre packed food we buy - often enclosed in cling film.

I also WONDER HOW MANY WATCHED THE VICTORIAN BAKER on TV last night and heard it said that barley flour in bread contains LESS gluten than wheat flour! Wheat being the most widely used grain to make flour!

I leave all my thoughts with you for today - it's time to cook my fish and eat, with a glass of wine and have my cigarette afterwards!

Yes I'm still here to tell the tale, hope my time lasts longer also, given my low blood cell count, because I have not finished researching my health and the causes of it going pear shaped. Perhaps 65 was the wrong age for my health to go obviously pear shaped 3 years ago, but I do hope many will read and consider what I've written.


Thank you so much SAMBS, what you say is so interesting and I'm sure many of us have instances that we can point to... if only we had known at the time.

For the future, doctors would do well to take blood from every child [one of the times when health checks have to be made], then again as a teenager and at further pre-determined points to record individual aspects of each patient. These thyroid issues seem to be on the increase [for lots of the reasons you give above] and use of bizarre ranges, taken from people in the locality [or not if sent off privately] do justice to no one. The food we eat is paramount and the additives etc... you are spot on there too. Fish... some is not fit to eat; some food is not fit for consumption.

There seem to be many strange quirks associated with metabolism-energy that medicine is not grasping; rather, blaming patients for failing to 'do the right thing'. Some people can do exactly the right thing but other problems are being masked by something else. Continue with your research SAMBS because at least we feel that we're doing what we can for ourselves for some of our health than 'they' can or do.

Yes, food and those things we can take charge of for ourselves are big factors in our lives. Yes the eating habits of different nationalities is interesting, the Greeks and other Med countries [but lots still smoke] and drink maybe more sensibly than the binge culture here ;-) I still like a drink once in a while but once the smoking went, it no longer has the same appeal... hand in hand they went.

The one thing I did stop was bread/rice/pasta etc... I don't believe that I necessarily have a gluten problem but just don't believe grains are that good for us, including porridge [used to be my favourite breakfast]. My biggest stop was smoking - yes, it does seem to have affected me negatively by stopping [commented on by Dr S and I've written on it here, with people also questioning... I know, I was meant to write a review on a book for here!!! ]- but I doubt I'd be here now if I hadn't stopped ;-) It will be 13 years at end of May.

You take care of yourself SAMBS and be well :-) xx

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