10 Top New Year Thyroid Tips: I'm sure someone will say if this can't be posted... apologies in advance :-)

STTM often also posts very useful stuff ... during good times [when I choose to live more than read], then horrible times [when, well its not so good], I don't have much time to read up on what I'd like to. Also, I've so many books that I barely have time to get much of that essential reading done BUT this looks helpful for those who are relatively new to this or who might just need a little jolt. ['Firing the doctor' is funny; a real option for most of us here.]


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  • I think so long as you include the link to the webpage, it's fine.

    Thanks for this. :)

  • Thanks Jazzw, I'm just never sure about 'rules'... I've always been dreadful reading or taking in 'rules', so I just hoped for the best. [Once, in a work role, I had to devise a whole system from start to finish... rules, paperwork you name it; hardest thing ever, I enjoyed it, forgotten straight after!] :-)

  • Only a forum run by dictators would stop you posting a link to other sites..... and this isn't one of them.....

    I thought the link was a good one, and it reminded me to take my iron!

    Xx g

  • Thanks galathea, suppose I just need to read the rules ;-) I keep seeing stuff and thinking... "Read the Rules"! Yes, a good reminder in the link. xx

  • Yeah, i keep meaning to read them too.

  • It's fine :)

    As long as you're not selling anything, advertising your company without permission, linking to offensive websites or providing info on where to get prescription only medications without a prescription, you're usually fine.

    This is a useful link. Thanks for posting.


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