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UK Suffering with Thyroid, where do I go from here?

It's been about 5 months since I last posted my labs and nothing has improved and I haven't received any help from my Doctor or a private Endo (£180 down the drain to be told "I need sleep" yeah, thanks.. I could of told myself that for free.) apparently my antibodies tested for positive, they are supposed to be 9 or under and mine were 14 when I last had my bloods

I feel lost to be honest. My doctor thinks I am 'borderline' but I am experiencing every symptom going, I can't work because I am in that much pain and fatigue. My partner is great and wants to help wherever he can but we both don't know where to go about treatment? I don't want to go back to my Doctor to only be fobbed off with excuses, you know?

I've looked at private doctors Online and they nearly all need an NHS referal from your GP.

Just so frustrated at the lack of educated and caring doctors, I fret seeing them!

Any advice for a 21 year old Female, Based in Wales UK on getting the right help? I'm even prepared to travel to get the right diagnosis and treatment if needs be.. I know it's all different in other countries

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Looking back at your previous post it seems that there was room for improvement with some of your test results. Have you addressed any of these and, if so, do you have any results?

Before you spend money on private appointments take a look at this post and follow the advice given.


As always, shaws gives very good advice and worth following this approach.

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I have addressed them all and no improvement. My eyes are starting to become blurry, bulged and sore. I have a lump in my throat that is kind of thick when I swallow and I'm falling asleep after 8 hours + in the day time, especially around the afternoon, doesn't feel normal to me


Any supplements I had taken either didn't do anything or had an adverse effect :/


See another GP otherwise write a letter of complaint to the Practice Manager. Make sure you include all your symptoms.

You need to be pro-active!


Thanks, I think I shall!


You say your eyes are blurry, bulged and sore, and you have a lump in your throat?

I'm no expert, and I've never had those symptoms, BUT I've seen such symptoms reported in several posts on this forum - as far as I know, they are common enough signs of certain types of thyroid problems. Since these are undeniably physical symptoms, I would hope that a GOOD endocrinologist would acknowledge them, and investigate further.

Sorry to hear you ran into the other type of endo, who take money from desperate sufferers without helping them back to health.

Maybe if you re-post with the heading: "Bulging eyes & lump in throat", you might attract the attention of knowledgeable members who have had similar problems, and may be able to point you in the right direction.

Good luck



Thank you for your response Geoff!


Go to see an optician, if they detect a any issues they will write to your GP


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