Endoscope update

Hi everyone first I would like to wish everyone a happy and healthy Christmas and New year.

Well I had the endoscopy this morning I'm really really pleased that's over.I found the whole thing an ordeal.the staff where lovely but the procedure!!!!!

My blood pressure was 208/98 and I was thinking I'd be advised to have the sedative to help me relax but no as I was planning a very busy day it was to be the throat spray.it tasted awful.but still so far so good.however the actual procedure was really uncomfortable and a bit painful. And if I wasn't burping I was gagging my eyes where running and I was dribbling.by the end I was shaking .the results where of the test as I know them so far are a slight case of gastroenteritis no signs of celiac disease but there have been biopsies taken to check for celiac and h.paloris?the stomach bug that can cause ulcers.

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  • Helicobacter pyloris the bacteria that can cause gastric ulcers and also gastric cancer. Well done for coping without the sedation not an easy thing to do. Hope you have a relaxing Christmas.

  • At least the worst is over for you and you'll be able to relax/recover over the next few days and it's good to know you don't have celiac disease.

    Wishing you All the Best for 2016 and enjoy your Christmas now.

  • Pet-Lamb, The coughing , gagging, retching, running nose and eyes I had when an anaesthetic throat spray was applied made me very glad they waited until I was under general anaesthetic before a camera was put down my throat when I had thyroidectomy.

    I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year.

  • I had the throat spray and sedation, still gagged and found it very uncomfortable , ive had two so far, about to have another one next month,not looking forward to it!

  • I had no problem at all with my endoscopy. I told the doctor that I wanted to be so heavily sedated that I wouldn't be aware of/remember anything, so that's what he did. Obviously, if you go down that route, you need someone to take you home afterwards and will feel groggy for a day or two. But for me, this inconvenience was totally worth it.

  • Sorry Beverley.hope they give you plenty of sedation .

  • I asked for sedation and I had no idea what went on. I would definitely go for sedation if I have to have it done in the future.

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