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Effect of menopause on a non-functioning thyroid gland


Just curious.

Those of you who have been through the menopause and had little to no functioning thyroid gland: did you find that when you were peri- or post-menopausal your T4 / T3 dose requirements changed? I've taken a battering recently regarding my fT3 levels and wondered whether premature menopause could have had a hand in it.

I understand that many women with a functioning gland get whalloped at the time of menopause and develop hypothyroidism but that's an effect on the body's naturally produced hormones. Logically it shouldn't have an effect on something that's already dead and shrivelled but stranger things have happened (that horse becoming pope, for one).

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Hose1975, I can't say from experience but menopausal hormone changes can unsettle other hormones. Feel free to repost your question after Christmas and hopefully you'll get more replies.


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