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Under active thyroid

Hi there still having trouble with my 50 mg thyroxidine l was up all last night with chest pains and golng back and fore the toilet my skin looks very pale and I feel very jittery ,I am getting very angry as I hate feeling like this doctors just don't want to listen.l am 73 years of age I am thinking of cutting down on my melds,to see if I feel any better, I was on hrt for twenty years and came off them cold turkey 5 years ago ,I don't think I have been right since.i still have my ovaries.lm wondering if it's all combined,would like any sort of help feeling so ill thanks.

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Daviespat, do you have the thyroid results and ranges (figures in brackets) from the blood tests you were having 2 months ago?


At a little younger I find I have to be up three or four times a night but that is not unusual for males! As to chest pains it may be that you need a low dose beta blocker as I did soon after starting on levothyroxine. I think the thyroxine speeds up the metabolism and leads to other problems surfacing. If you have not had your heart / veins checked you should discuss with your GP.


Thank you for your advice I have had all the heart checks and they are fine , I am on a low dose beta blocker also on blood pressure Meds , I just don't think I am getting on well with the levothyroxine,but doc does not seem to be bothered,


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