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Swollen sore thyroid area


Switched myself to NDT starting on 1 grain. Rose to 1.75 but got palpitations so reduced to 1.25. Been scared to raise it. Despite some positive signs such as less aches and pains and stronger nails, I did feel that my thyroid area seemed to feel swollen and my throat felt very tight. It even felt very tender to touch it. Very strange as when I had a scan a couple of years ago, they said my thyroid was tiny.

Due to ordering my NDT late, it still hasn't arrived and I had to resort to taking thyroxine again for last 6 days. Weirdly my throat soreness has virtually disappeared overnight and it feels less swollen and tight. Why would this happen?

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Hi Kassie, I think we can all relate but hard to pinpoint the cause. If you want to do a search, you can start with this:


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