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Cardiologists Decry Curbs on Industry-Supported Travel

New rules in Europe will prohibit direct medical meeting travel sponsorship

"European device companies will no longer be allowed to directly sponsor physician attendance at medical meetings, starting in 2018. In response, three prominent European interventional cardiologists warn that the change could have dire consequences, stifling education and potentially reducing attendance at European medical meetings by 30% to 50%."


A rather interesting little article. PR

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Liked the comment at the end:

After this story posted on the CardioBrief.org site, we received the following comment from James Stein at the University of Wisconsin:

"That attendance at conference may decrease is not necessarily a bad thing. It might be a good thing, esp. if sponsored attendance had the collateral or primary effect of mainly promoting industry relationships and their agendae. Indeed, the nature of medical meetings may change, possibly for the better if the content is less industry-driven. In the US, attendance at large meetings declined for many reasons but there is no evidence that not going to national meetings is bad in any way. There are many other ways to obtain medical knowledge than large meetings. Also, recent data suggest that patients do better when cardiologists are off at major meetings -- we need to figure out why, so all these docs that are predicted not to go to meetings don't stay home and hurt people instead (wink)."


Love it Helvella!! πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ chuckling away.....


Hmm. I wouldn't trust someone who purports to be an academic from a university and didn't realize that AGENDA was a neuter plural gerund (things needing to be done) and tried to make it a feminine singular and then make it plural. It's an English word now and the plural is AGENDAS!


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