A Good Report Card

After months of feeling crappy, finding Thyroid UK and then finding this forum, being dismissed by my GP and endo, I started self medicating with NDT on 1 September after taking advice on here - thank you all you wonderful admins who take the time and trouble to sift through the myriad of test results on here and provide good, solid advice.

Some of my long list of symptoms cleared by addressing a B12 deficiency which I wasn't even aware of until I posted my private test results on here (thank you Clutter) and along with that I gradually increased my NDT dose and finally went up to 2.5 grains about ten days ago. The hot flushes that I'd been experiencing shortly before the increase have now receded and I'm starting to feel like myself again. Whether I'm optimally medicated yet or whether another increase is needed will be revealed by the next blood tests which I'll have done in the new year.

In some respects I think my GP did me a favour by being unhelpful (not that I think I will ever forgive him for being a ****) but it's meant that I've had to and been able to take my health into my own hands because of the amount of information available on the net and the wealth of experience, kindness, understanding and guidance on here which have all enabled me to make informed choices. It's cost me time and money which I shouldn't have had to spend but I am very grateful to finally feel that I'm on the right road to recovering my health.

I hope that from this post rambling along a bit I may give some hope to those forum members who are still struggling - this is rarely a quick journey for any of us and I know I've got a way to go yet but, for now, I'm finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel and only now realising that I've probably been in this tunnel for much longer than I originally thought. Hindsight is a wonderful thing.

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  • Blood tests are only a guide. It's how we feel that is the best judge of whether or not our dose is optimal.

    I'm glad you're happy with your new regime and feeling so much better.

  • huny i am so pleased for you, i have battled my dr, then he got on board now im battling the endo, who to be honest is an utter cow! they just dont understand how debilitating this illness is. I had 3 excellent months so i know how you feel, isnt it amazing how one small pill can make so much difference, before i was taking loads of tablets every day but getting worse, my dr never queried this, just kept prescribing more. I took the plunge to self medicate and i was so nervous but i am glad i did xxx

  • Hi hunny59

    Thanks for your nice response to all the help/advice given on the forum. It is appreciated.

    You particularly point out the help of all the Admins but I'm sure you will agree that all of our members whether Admin or not contribute to the success of the whole forum due to their own experiences which are also helpful and valued to the running of the whole forum.

    Without their assistance and input too we would never be able to answer all of the queries etc. as most of us use our own experiences which others find invaluable as well.


  • I most certainly agree it is that because so many people make contributions.

  • Yes indeed shaws and helvella - I was clumsily trying to incorporate everyone when I mentioned the wealth of experience and kindness on here. It truly is the most wonderful, supportive and non-judgmental environment and without everyone on here, I dread to think how deep into a hole I'd be right now.

  • Thanks for your kind comments, Hunny59, and for taking the trouble to post. It is helpful and encouraging for members to see there is light at the end of the tunnel and wellness is within reach. I'm so glad it's working out for you.

  • hunny59,

    So happy you seem to be experiencing some improvement! I agree on your thoughts about this board. It has been very helpful to me, and was the first group that helped me to realize that I CAN (and must) take control of my health situation (Hashimoto's). I would likely still be lying on the bed, non-functional, if I had continued to rely on doctor advice. Some cases (such as mine) are simply too complicated for them (doctors), or they don't have adequate time, or they are too stubborn, or all of the preceding. It has also been very helpful to hear you and others verify that it is not a quick journey. That is great advice and support when family members and friends give me the hairy eyeball and are incredulous to hear that I am still grappling with my Hashimoto's.

    Love and good healing thoughts to you (and everyone on the board)!

    Ms. Klagh

  • The hairy eyeball - LOL! Love it - haven't heard that one in a while :) I think it's important not to be too impatient with these health issues, although goodness knows I've struggled with my own impatience often enough. For those of us who don't enjoy being below par we just want to get better as soon as possible and it's been very frustrating for me having to do the gradual dose increases and gauge the reaction rather than whizzing through everything and trying to fix it all at once. It will continue to sadden me however, reading all the stories of medical indifference and, in some case, downright neglect.

  • Our admin team ROCKS hunny ! Glad you're feeling better. It's scary at first self medicating but when the end result is feeling better and I think of how ill I was becoming...it was a blessed day indeed when I came upon ThyroidUK and the forum in particular.

    I'm sad too about how some people are treated by what are effectively public servants and it's disgraceful when we have to both take our health in our own hands and pay for it; none of this is cheap...except the forum. Worth more than diamonds and pearls to me, tho :-)

  • Fabulous to hear your good news on here. I agree that this forum is amazingly helpful and supportive :)

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