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Pfizer and Allergan

Am a bit surprised that there has not yet been any comment on the purchase of Allergan by Pfizer.

Pfizer seals $160bn Allergan deal to create drugs giant

Perhaps we have all been missing some of the relevant points:

🚑 Allergan is the name adopted by Actavis after Actavis bought Allergan.

🚑 Pfizer own the Cytomel brand of liothyronine.

🚑 Allergan (in their Actavis guise) are one of the two major levothyroxine makes in the UK.

🚑 Pfizer own the Levoxyl brand of levothyroxine - number 2 in the USA.

What does this all add up to or those of us who need thyroid hormones? I don't know - but I would be surprised if, in one way or another, it doesn't end up with more dollars in Pfizer's pockets and fewer in ours.

Actavis Changes Name to Allergan After Deal For Botox Maker

The company’s U.S. and Canadian generics business will continue to operate under the Actavis name

By Neil Haggerty

June 15, 2015 8:19 a.m. ET

Actavis PLC said Monday it has changed its name to Allergan PLC, three months after acquiring the maker of the antiwrinkle treatment Botox.

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So, Helvella, I can now acquire anti-wrinkle cream if the Activis levo doesn't work so well :) I might look amazing instead of half dead.

To be serious - Pfizer must believe it will make money by either removing the 'competition' and, as you say, bumping up their profits.


And relocating itself to Ireland for tax purposes!

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Already this merger is drawing criticism & backlash from caertain parts of the US political community....... not a done deal yet ;)


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