Why did bad palpitations suddenly disappear with potassium newly on NDT?

I have had palpitations since changing from levothyroxine onto NDT Thiroyd a month ago. Yesterday morning I was getting palpitations and thumping in chest and got so fed up that I booked an appointment with Dr P. But in the afternoon I read a note I had made about potassium and palpitations and eat a large banana and avocado. I went for another walk an hour later and I have not had one palpitation since. Absolutely amazing. Can NDT affect potassium levels? It shows what a vitamin or mineral deficiency can do to the body but sometimes we look for more serious causes. I was so worried I had heart problems. I shall certainly be eating more potassium containing foods. It also stopped my awful night cramps.

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  • Are you taking B12 - as I have read that too can lower potassium levels. I eat a banana after my B12 injection :-) Glad you found a solution so quickly !

  • Thanks Marz, that is so interesting. I have been taking B12 methylcobalamin 1000mcg so that might be it. I haven't had a palpitation since, actually just typing that has given me a palpitation! I found an article on the link so will just take maybe half a B12 every other day. The doctor didn't pick up on it nor the hospital. What would we do before this site? x

  • It's amazing what we can be low in and yes bananas are good for potassium. There are also other foods which can provide essential vitamins/minerals. I am very glad you've found a solution for your palpitations which are very disabling.

  • Just an update, I must laugh, I have been having awful cramps at night and today palpitations.  Just bought some tonic water, been having magnesium etc.  Then decided to google cramps and came upon this page, and there I am, googling my own question, how hypothyroid brain fog is that!!  And, to top it all I had been taking the B12 again forgetting  the advice I had been given.  Back to the bananas, what a life eh, so here is hoping for a good night sleep tonight instead of screaming like a mad woman in the middle of night and running round the house with all the lights on, my neighbours must think I am mad, no, just hypothyroid!!  

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