Today, I stumbled upon an adrenal support product which just sounds great. It's called A-drenal and is made by RLC Labs, manufacturer of prescription drugs Naturethroid and WP Thyroid (formerly Westhroid). Both NT and WP seem to get four or five star reviews consistently.

A-drenal contains more or less the same ingredients as literally hundreds of other supplements: 250 mg of bovine adrenal, plus ashwaganda, rhodiola, vitamins, etc. But on all the sites I have looked, it has been getting nothing but 5 star reviews.

Yet, it seems impossible to order this outside the US. I have visited several sites, and I keep getting the same message: sorry, we cannot deliver this to your chosen country. It does not seem possible to order it to Europe.

Does anyone have any idea why this product would be impossible to import from the US, whereas you can order all other supplements? It's clearly marked "dietary supplement" on the bottle, and is available OTC.

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Thanks a lot, GG!

You're welcome. Hope it works for you! :)

Hi Anna. Did you try the A-drenal and if so, did you find it helped? 


No, I chose another product called Pure Adrenal by Professional Formulas, and I am happy with it.

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