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Have had no appetite for 5 almost 6 months have lost weight don't know!

Back in the beginning of June I just all of a sudden lost my appetite and began to lose weight rapidly like 2lbs a week for 8 weeks or so. I got from 138lbs to 122lbs and since then have only got up to 125 and can't seem to gain anymore and appetite is still non existent. Sometimes I even get nauseous when I try to eat. I really want to be able to eat and gain my weight back and it gets me so frustrated bc I do why this is happening and doctors don't care to find out. Any ideas what could be going on and no I'm not depressed and I'm not anorexic

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If we are hypo we usually have low stomach acid - and you might not yet be aware it's your stomach that may be causing you to lose your appetite.

Low acid symptoms are very similar to high acid symptoms. This is just a guess. Maybe when you eat you aren't digesting properly with the result you don't feel hungry.

In the meantime here are a couple of links:-

I've had no problems since I took these tablets (only 1 at a time) particularly if the meal had protein (I was having stomach pains previously):-


Lindsey1987, I had a lot of unwanted weight loss when I was switched from T3 to Levothyroxine. Coeliac was ruled out. Advice was to eat small frequent meals to maintain weight.


I've been on t4 the whole time just switched to ndt


Lindsey1987, maybe your appetite will improve on NDT. In the meantime try frequent small meals to maintain your weight.


When I lost large amounts of weight and didn't want to eat I bought 4 pints of milk at a time and drank that whilst at work in the morning, then followed with protein milk shakes. Certainly built the muscles back up from flabby and after about two months my appetite came back.


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