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Coming off meds

Hi all, bit of advice please, extremely exhausted still, taking 50mcg t3

Was prescribed Levo at 25mcg but stopped that, recent bloods with doctor were fine, tsh 0.14 so doctor took that as being good on 25 mcg, I told him I was taking t3 at the time and he now wants repeat bloods, I don't know whether to stop my t3 to get true reading on nothing, or just to continue as I am and sim to increase my t3 slowly ? Not sure what to do for the best

Any thoughts would be appreciated and totally understand that your thoughts and opinions are just that... Nothing will come back on you 🤔😀

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Natj123, TSH will be suppressed and FT4 low, but you need to see what FT3 is on 50mcg. Leave 12-24 hours between last dose and blood draw.


I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.

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I take T3 only and the first couple of times the labs did FT3 as well as T4. I had a yearly blood test and yesterday GP said (no FT3 was taken this time) your T4 is below range and I said 'yes' it has to be as I don't take anyway. He then read below the T4 'adequate T3' so he was relieved. I don't think they really understand that the blood tests are only for use with levo. If we take NDT or a mixture of T3/T4 they cannot correspond.

I leave 24 hours between my dose of T3 and blood test which gives me a 'slightly' increased TSH which keeps GP happy.

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I was complaining of exhaustion once again which got better for a sort time but now I seem to be back at square 1

He doesn't know I'm still taking t3 because when I mentioned I'd taken a few before my lady bloods he started saying no shouldn't be taking that etc!!!

So I didn't know whether to stop taking t3 altogether to get a true reading at my bloods on 23rd

Or do I up my t3 in the hope it helps with fatigue?


I don't know whether you will be able to keep your doctor happy as well as taking enough T3 to fight your fatigue. If, as shaws says, you can just stop taking T3 24-36 hours before your blood test and get results that will satisfy your doctor, then you might be able to fool him. However if not you will have to choose between being well yourself and satisfying the doctor.

If the only thing you see the doctor for is thyroid, then it's not a problem, just ignore him. If on the other hand you need to see him for other issues and need a good relationship with him, or if you rely on him for thyroid blood tests, then there is some point in trying to keep him happy.

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