Spitting blood

So guys with this cough & swallowing saliva difficulties ive got back in June i started to spit blood not to much tho only couple lots its like stained & its been on & off but not had it in months but i went to the get a drink around 0320am this morning i spat up one lot off red blood i drank some milk & it cleared can anyone tell me whats causing it & where its coming from please x

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  • James,

    In you previous post you complained off thick yellow phlegm and now you are coughing up blood.

    I suggest you see your GP as "thick yellow" indicates infection and you say you have had this for 20 months.

    I hope you feel better soon,


  • Already been they said its all down to stress but i never get stressed its probably a throat infection & inflammed in back off the throat its everytime i cough sharp i taste blood in my throat then i spit it up in small ammounts 2 times then it goes

  • With the saliva issue going on maybe you have an infected gland (or something ? )

    Do you suffer any pain or swelling?

    If I was coughing up blood I would want it further investigated James.


  • Yea probably thats what my mum said but i feel pain when my throat feels tight & its only early hours of the morning (0000-0500) i spit blood rest off the day my saliva is clear i only have faint blood in my saliva thats about it :/

  • James,

    Perhaps your Mum would go with you to the doctors to explain further your symptoms.

    Sometimes when we feel so unwell with our thyroid hormones so unbalanced, it is hard to be assertive and good to feel supported.


  • Are you taking calcium tablets prescribed by the doctor? They can cause irritation of the gullet and are contra -indicated with hypo.

  • Please James go and get your GP to check you properly, although difficulties swallowing saliva is common when stressed, frank blood as you're describing is not normal and you need investigating for possible causes.

  • I thought I had something wrong with my lungs after spitting blood and even had an x-ray which came back fine. It turned out my gums were bleeding during the night and mixed with saliva looked alarming especially first thing in the morning. I try to take care of my teeth but as an ageing person it is proving difficult. I normally clean my teeth twice a day but have found by cleaning three times the bleeding has stopped. I certainly did not realise at first that the bleeding was from my gums as it accumulated overnight, perhaps you could look at this angle too James.

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