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Spitting feathers!

Sorry if this is in the wrong place but I am fed up.

I have tried three times in the last week to update my profile and it will not change it. After 30 minutes today again it has not updated it.

Clutter suggested cut and paste but I am doing this on a kindle tablet and it is beyond my capabilities.

Surely it should be easier than this.

I checked the guidelines and I did it correctly.


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I am sorry you are frustrated. I cannot help but someone might be able to.

I think you would need to ask HealthUnlocked to advise you if no-one else can. If you press Help on the green bar at the top of the page as they are the technicians then follow through till you come to the appropriate place.


PP, Click on the Help button on the green HU bar or email to report the problem. Tell them the device you are using and what browser and version as they may be able to replicate the problem and fix it. It's probably a site glitch.


Hi shaws & Clutter

I did report it this time.

It's so frustrating I won't try again. My profile will have to stay as it is.

Cheers Mary


Hey, I couldn't PM anybody. Reported three times. I PMed Clutter a couple of weeks ago, looked iike it went through but I don't think it did. I've given up. If I PM Clutter I add it to an old thread. There's major bugs in the program it seems. Frustrating.


HU have, apparently, created a program that cannot, just as easily, handle anything other than a regular desktop computer. I experience many problems with this site from my iPhone. Although I email the HU team a list of issues, they do not reply and confirm that every issue that was raised has since been addressed and resolved. So what is the point of emailing them and notifying them? And hadn't they figured that many people might access the site from other gadgets? And why don't they post a warning that X or Y cannot be successfully done from other devices?


Thank you Londinium, I keep thinking it is my fault.

Regards pp


Interestingly! I had a read of my profile the other day as can't remember what I had put. It said I was being followed by two so clicked on that assuming it would say who they are but nothing happened-should it have?


Not sure if you got it sorted but I've had the same issue and I'm posting from my laptop through the full site. Twice I updated all my info with my story and levels and it's not saved it.


Hi F.A

I didn't try any more. After the third time I gave up.

I did report it and have heard nothing further.

I did wonder if I did it on the pc if it would work, but to be honest I just couldn't be bothered.




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