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mold exposure

allmost 3 years ago our loo backed up and poured through the floor/ceiling

constant leaks from kids bathing

allso had other floodings thanks to the kids blocking the loo

ceiling fell down the other week and the beams are very wet still

council said leaky condenser pipe from boiler, there has allways been a drop coming from it but didnt think it was that bad (fitted at least 5 years ago)

all the beams in ceiling are wet


what are the signs of mold exposure

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It's actually safer when it's wet than when it dries out and spores form. But here's the CDC website information: (btw the only way to determine if you have toxic mold is by testing.)


i think my entire kitchen ceiling may be affected

we have been here 16 years and the amount of floods we have had because of the kids messing in the bath or blocking toilet is unbelieveable

i know when mum lived here she had a problem with damp coming from the loft into one of the bedrooms but that was sorted and has never come back

i know the asbestos team are coming out to do kitchen ceiling when its dried out

i think ill mention it to the council and see what they say, maybe they will test it

im just struggling to find a reason why im so ill yet TSH 0.50, lungs and heart all fine

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