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T3 in one dose or two???

I have just started t3 mono therapy. My full dose is a small 10mcg but I started on 5mcg in the morning as I just wanted to ease myself in slowly. I'm gonna introduce the other half tomorrow. Should I take them as two doses or just one? I have read articles suggesting it's best to take one dose and others suggesting splitting. I'm confused...

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Just to add to the confusion...

I split my dose for a long time. At one point, when I was on enough T3 to do so, I split my dose into 4. I've been on T3 for nearly a year now, and I'm just starting to amalgamate my doses. I couldn't do this before - my heart would go to fast. But now that my body has adjusted I can take larger doses with no obvious problems. I feel as though I am on the correct overall dose, by the way. I'm just adjusting the dosing pattern.

I'm feeling better on fewer, bigger doses. But until my body was ready to accept this, split dosing into tiny amounts was the way to go for me.

I think everyone has to experiment. What suits one person won't suit another.


Yes I split doses to begin with and then reduced from 4 to 2 a day and then to 1. I've just changed back to 2 a day as I seemed to be getting tired later in the day.

I think it's safer to begin with split doses.

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I also split in two doses: 6 am and 6 pm, away from food. I tried with one dose in the morning but I felt tired and foggy in the afternoon. No "waves" from one single dose, for me.






Hi Halinka,

This is my experience only on t3.

I now once only dose with t3, i have multi dosed but didn't work to well for me. I could never time my dose properly so would end up undermedicated and symptoms would return.

I now take all my t3 in the morning. This came about after reading others who this works for.

So when i restarted back on t3 i just took quarter of a tablet and this lasted all day with no symptoms. Did the same next day, still no symptoms. On the 4th day the fatigue and aches kicked by the evening so next morning i upped to half a tablet. This has been my natural progression for 26 weeks now. I now take 75mcg and think i might be at my optimal dose now.

T3 has been a life saver for me. It was instant relief within hours of first taking it as i suffered severe fatigue and body aches.

I know from experience that t3 does not work for me if i taken any form of t4 or it is in my system.

I also know if i don't take my dose or even my full dose then come the evening i am a mess and struggle walking. This is how much i need t3 to function.

Luckily i have my consultant on board now and is monitoring me along the way.

T3 really is a very personal thing. People take it differently to suit them so trial and error play a big part in it. You will find you have to play about a bit till you get it right.

There's no right or wrong way, only the way YOUR body needs it and only you can control this.

This is all just my own personal experience.

Hope it helps rather than hinders.

Sparkly x




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