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Hypothyroid & Hashimoto's Vid


thought I would post this for anyone who is new to the illnesses and would like to know more. I found it very informative


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Just currently watching. Feel like I want to cry. Haha

Jefner in reply to Sddixy


This is a brilliant and terrifying explanation of what might be the underlying causes of Hashimoto's.

I have just been diagnosed with Hashimoto's after two years battling with oedema, lethargy and sensitivity to the cold. I am on 100mg levo and blood tests showed t4 and t3 were optimal at this level. Endo said I was iron deficient and vitamin D deficient and have been feeling better on 1000mg of vit D and 25 of iron until yesterday when I crashed out big time and now feel so depressed I am in tears... This video was great at making me understand it is not a thyroid issue that I have but an auto immune one. However I am at a loss as to where to start to tackle it...

Marz in reply to Seven_on_bikes

Lots of good books out there and websites.... Izabella Wentz - Datis Kharrazian. They both deal with the gut as part of the healing process.....

Also try and read - The Brain Maker - by Dr David Perlmutter and Sustainable Medicine - by Dr Sarah Myhill. So important to read and learn and treat yourself. It's all beyond most Doctors :-)

Do you the results and ranges of your Optimal T4 and T3 ?

Have you had B12 - Ferritin - Folate - Iron - VitD tested ??

Where the hell would we all be if it wasn't for the internet!!!!!

Yup, I know how you feel. Sorry to hear about your diagnosis. I also noticed from the vid that it's pretty much the same story everywhere in the world, that doctors just don't know about the thyroid and just do the very basic blood tests. It seems that we sufferers are on our own unless we can get referred to a specialist, and I think we all know that isn't going to happen because it's all down to MONEY. Kicking myself to be honest in not knowing enough about a condition I have, although I have felt rotten for most of my life anyway with depression, anxiety and fatigue, so I just got on with it but I am not going to from now on. It's my life (what's left of it), I know my body and I know when something is wrong so I am gonna push my doc on my next visit if I get the "you are just another number and I can't be bothered with you" attitude again.

I am deffo going to have the extra bloods done via Blue Horizon, because I am now pretty sure that my doc won't refer me for them (from the vid). At least then I will know whether I have Hash or not and what's going on with other stuff ... process of elimination.

As regards you it sounds like diet is the first place to start. I found another video which you might find informative and helpful, also a fellow sufferer and medical lady


T4 was 16.5 (9 - 22 range) , t3 was 4.08 (2.63 -5.70) and TSH 1.12 (0.35 - 4.94). Vit D was very low at 44 and iron was 15% saturation. B12 was 1620 but I an on supplements for that.

Cortisol was 248. Could this be an issue?

Marz in reply to Seven_on_bikes

Was this meant for me - only just found it by chance as it was not linked by using the Reply button :-(

Sorry do not know much about Cortisol - I believe the 24 hour Saliva Test is more reliable. FT4 looks as if it needs to be higher. How much D are you taking ? No point in testing B12 once you are supplementing....

Seven_on_bikes in reply to Marz

Have just been to see a nutritionist who has recommended the 24 hour saliva test. Do you think it worth doing? She will use it to test my adrenals...

She also recommended a hair test to test for toxicity and mineral deficiencies.

Would be interested to hear your thoughts

Marz in reply to Seven_on_bikes

From what I have read on this forum I am sure the Saliva Test will be of benefit as it gives you readings throughout the day - it should be high in the morning and low at night to enable sleep.

The adrenals are very involved with the thyroid and other hormones - so they do have to work hard and need to be tip-top ! I believe the Saliva Test will also include DHEA

Hair test ? Not sure about that one - but like so many things it will be a guide.

Hope you find the books useful I suggested above. Also Stop the Thyroid Madness Website - has a section on Adrenals. Look on the Heading Bar on the website.

Am afraid it is all about reading and learning for ourselves in order to find wellness :-) Too complicated for Docs - they do not have the time.... and that is being kind !!

Seven_on_bikes in reply to Marz

Thanks so much. I've got a little library to wade through and am enjoying it. Very grateful for your advice.

Keep well!

Marz in reply to Seven_on_bikes

:-) :-)

Thank you for posting it. I found parts of it interesting, specially that hashimotos is much more complicated than we are left believing by our doctors, my D vitamin is low even taking supplements and when I went a month without it hit bottom. But! I'm on NDT and it has been increasing my quality of life slowly and steady so not sure about that part. Also it was more of a teaser because he hasn't given much straight advise other than reading the book and making an appointment.

Thanks for sharing this!!! Very informative.

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