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soon I'm having FULL medical examination!

I've just received A form to complete from a Departmental Health Bureau, just confirm my Social Security (health) number and personal details, to sign and return giving the Bureau authority to look at my health record. Well they are in for a surprise, given what I've gone through last 3+ yrs since arriving here 2008.

2 occasions 1 of 15 mins medical for questionnaire, blood & urine samples, teeth inspection.

2nd 1 hr approx, vision, hearing height, weight, blood pressure, ecg, spirometrie etc., it says. hopefully they'll look at my skin conditions also. Anything not on there I'll make sure they know and gives my whole medical history from birth! all ends with a consultation with a Doctor - they'd better not allocate my current one to me!

But I do hope I can get somewhere with this, I see it as a one off opportunity to relate my whole health history, over here it's only 8 yrs and I'm 68!

They should receive my form on Monday in post!

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Interesting. Let us know how you get on. :)

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will do!


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