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Chest itching since thyroid biopsy

Ok this sounds super strange but I had a thyroid biopsy done about a month and a half ago now. Since the day after the biopsy(which I was sore and my voice was horse) I have experienced bouts of itchy hives on my neck that spreads to my chest and on high stress days will also spread to my inner wrist. I have read about itching accruing after meds have been changed but my meds changed 3 weeks after the biopsy was done. I was on 110mg of Levo during the biopsy and after for 3 weeks( all while still having and itchy neck and chest) and then I switched to 125mg of synthyroid(which actually lessened the occurance of the hives). They biopsy did reveal that I have 7 benign Nodules on my thyroid that they are monitoring but when will the itching stop, my neck and chest have been red and Cortizone or antihistamines don't mellow the hives.. Help anyone!?! I am diagnosed with hypothyroid hashimotos and myasthenia gravis...

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Renegade_muse, Nothing is injected into the thyroid when biopsied so I can't see why the FNA would cause hives. There is a connection with Hashimoto's and hives

Adopting 100% gluten-freen diet can be helpful in reducing Hashimoto's flares and antibodies and might, perhaps, help reduce the itching.

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