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Symptoms following Partial thyroidectomy

Hello, I'm new here and hoping you may be able to help.

I had a partial thyroidectomy 5 years ago after putting up with a multinodular goitre for too long. The size of a orange!

I now have only the right side left and have never been given any medication as apparently the half that is left is functioning fine.

I have many under active symptoms including weight gain and unable to lose weight even on calorie controlled diet & excercise.

Low libido, tiredness, short periods, dry skin and multiple early miscarriages.

My last bloods done in April came back fine I will put results below.

I'm sorry if this is silly question but how can half a thyroid provide and work as well as a whole?

I'm getting quite depressed as I don't know what I can do.

I am seeing doctor on Monday to review fertility results which I know came back ok.

What should I be asking?

I would love to try a 25mg thyroxine but I doubt that will happen.

Tsh 1.09

T4 13.9

I also have w sluggish adrenal gland.

Thanks in advance.


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Do you have the reference range for the T4? It's just that the ranges can vary a lot from lab to lab. It could be at the lower end of one range but at the top of another range so it would be good to know the range for your particular blood test.

If you have sluggish adrenal glands that will almost certainly be contributing to your symptoms. Are you on medication for this? often medication isn't prescribed until it is full-blown Addison's disease but it might be worth researching self-help methods to help your adrenals recover naturally. I know rest, sleep, good nutrition and avoiding stress are important for recovering adrenals but that's easier said than done!

I hope you find a solution soon.

Carolyn x


Thank you Carolyn.

Sorry if this is a silly question how will I find out my lab range?

No not on any mediation for adrenal, it was diagnosed by a private endo specialist prior to my operation.

I will look into self help.

Thank you.



Hi, if you get a print-out of your blood test results from the surgery the ranges should be stated.

When you get a blood test for your thyroid gland, you should get the earliest possible appointment and fast. If you are on medication, you should allow 24 hours approx between last dose and the test and take it afterwards.

If you've not had Vitamin B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate tested ask for these too. Ask your GP to do a Free T3 and Free T4 (he may not) - you can get a FT3 privately. Also all your symptoms above, fertility, miscarriages etc are also clinical symptoms of hypothyroidism.


Fluffy you mention "multiple miscarriages", have you been tested for APS/Hughes syndrome


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