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The Truth about Cancer

This was a very revealing film. Quite long, but easy to follow. Finishes about 8 p.m. Eastern Time US. Sorry I haven't the umph to check out what that means here. I hope you'll find it useful because we all have problems with our treatment and this seems to be no different.

We’re now Live, come and watch the premiere of

The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest right now.

Go here to watch episode one

Even though I’m the host and created the series, I’m excited and

going to sit down with my family right now and watch it with them.

I encourage you to do the same :-)

I’ll see you there.

Ty Bollinger


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Learnt some scary stuff about Big Pharma and their involvement in the building of the Camps in Germany during the war. They needed slave labour to build a massive production unit for pharmaceuticals - then of course they sent them back to be murdered - and no doubt made money from selling the gas. The court case is recorded and lasted over a year. The power in the US is so frightening and we should all be aware.

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Yes, I watched the first series too. Absolutely brilliant.

Since becoming hypothyroid and the battles I had to be diagnosed and properly treated, it has led me to many other truths about health and medicine.

I wish this could be aired on TV instead of X factor each week!

I have friends who continue to have mammograms, flu jabs etc because they listen to their doctor, not me.

People are afraid to watch this and I post it on my Facebook and not one person likes it or comments.

I am looking forward to watching the other 8 films in this series.


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Me too :-)

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