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The best I've felt in 2.5 years!

Hello everyone, I posted last week about my appointments due this week with the endocrinologist and the cardiac team and learnt a bit more on here about what my TSH FT4 etc all mean. This last week I've been so "high" it's been staggering! Everyone I've seen has commented on my glow, energy and amazing mood; it's not until you're "out" of a flare that you really see what a hold it had of you. I'm so determined to keep this positive attitude, and my appointments this Thursday will be all about how I can achieve this.

I post this really for myself to look back on and to help anyone who's in that hole right now! A really nice local lady who I know has similar health issues says she handles hers this way... "It's like walking into a wood and getting lost, sometimes the wood gets quite dark but she carries on walking because she knows eventually she will come out the other side into the sunshine again"

I'm certainly celebrating these good days; maybe they'll last as long as the trip through the woods did for me this time!?

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It's a beautiful picture and I am delighted you are feeling so good. It is amazing when things take a turn for the better and it gives hope to many who are still struggling.


Brilliant! I love hearing success stories, thank you for sharing x


Brilliant news!



Excellent news...thanks for sharing. xx


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