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What is causing this panic

For some years I have suffered anxiety ocd over health,panic and 8 years with graves disease which the symptoms were similar to panic disorder palpitations shakes ect.Over past couple of weeks for no good reason I started feeling on edge and nervous and palpitations,felt as if I couldn.t breath irritable had to get my Husband up in the night because I was so panicky.My thyroid bloods were normal range in August so I have had another done but can thyroid agrivate panic disorder and if it is not thyroid related why the sudden episode of panic when I have no reason to feel that way.I am taking levothyroxine and carbimazole for block and replace,venlafaxine,propranolol risperidone for anxiety and diazepam when required so how on earth am I getting panic attacks and anxiety taking all this.

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Maybe it is adrenal fatigue type issues. What I have read is that antidepressants can trigger adrenal fatigue. But as you know your blood levels might look optimal but has nothing to do with how your body is responding to treatment.

You should post your test results and references so people with more experience can tell you what is going on :)


Always get a copy of your blood tests results for your thyroid gland. 'Normal' which the doctors say doesn't mean we are on an optimum of levothyroxine. It just means bloods are between a range and could be at the high end. We usually feel better with a TSH around 1 or below.

Many people who are hypothyroid do get panic attacks/anxiety sensations but (and I'm not medically qualified) think it may be due to the adrenals and rising cortisol during the night. The following may be helpful:

You aren't alone but hope you feel much better soon.

When you have a thyroid blood test get the earliest appointments, fast (you can drink water). Leave approx 24 hours between your last dose of levo and the test and take levo after it. This enables the TSH to be at its highest point and doctors usually only go by this and not T4/T3. If you've not had Vit B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate tested ask for these too.


I've realised that you are hyperthyroid with Graves and the links I gave are more to do with hypo but mainly panic/anxiety as these are usually hormonally connected but the following is re Graves in particular.

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I will get a copy of my blood results and post on here in the meantime my thyroid went underactive back in December and I was then put on thyroxine then in the april it went overactive so my GP lowered my carbimazole dose. I have not been right since he put me on thyroxine and decreased the carbimazole.I am a long term sufferer of anxiety/panic disorder and since medications altered my mental health has got worse in sense of palpitations,jitters,shakes,feeling on edge,no energy and everything is an effort to do,i feel like I have ran a marathon when I just walk into my garden.My GP wont have it that the thyroid or medication is to blame,as far as he is concerned my bloods ar e within normal levels so my problem is just anxiety,but till December my anxiety has been under control but now even taking risperidone,venlafaxine,propranolol and diazepam the panic is still there.


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