Anyone believe their hypo was caused by the implant?

I used to be really skinny as in size 8 when I was pregnant with my son I was a size 10! After he was born however I got the implanon put in and that when my weight started to balloon I went from 8 1/2 to 10 stone in about 6 weeks and ever since then I have struggled to loose weight I am currently 12 stone despite eating less than 1000 calories a day.

So I was wondering is it possible the implant triggered my hypo?

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  • Jodyfmurphy, it's more likely your pregnancy triggered hypothyroidism which presented once you'd lost the protection of pregnancy hormones post partum. Weight gain is often one of the first hypothyroid symptoms to present.

  • I couldn't say if the implant triggered your Hypo, but my niece had the implant and put weight on, she has always been very slim.

  • Is this hormonal birth control? Birth control can interfere with thyroid.

    I think Dr. Bergman discusses it in this video.

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