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I am new here and to thyroid issues. I feel like I have the symptoms but like many, was told my bloodwork was normal. I only had the TSH testing. My result was 4.57. This seems to be on the high end of the "normal" range. I was essentially dismissed because it was normal. Still feeling the symptoms. Is this number really something I should be concerned with and is it worthy of carrying it further and asking for more detailed testing? If so, what should I be requesting from my GP?

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  • Absolutely no way is a TSH of 4.7 normal

    Its vital that free T4 and Free T3 are also tested along with Thyroid Antibodies

    The NHS is totally and utterly wrong in this

    You also need




    Vit D3

    tested because often one or all of them are trashed and low in hypothyroid along with Vit C and they are all interrelated to TSH free T4 and T3

    Are other members of your family Hypothyroid or diabetic or have Lupus or RA or Endometriosis , Dyslexia,Aspergers

    All these things tend to run together on same genetic line

  • My B12 AND Folate were absolutely within the normal range so those should be good. The others, I am unsure.

    I did mention when I went in that most of my cousins who are older than me suffer with thyroid problems. So all things pointed in the direction. I even explained how tired I was all the time. If I had not requested the copy of the results yesterday I would not have known what the number was.

  • My B12 range as per lab is from around 211-911. So 211 is normal but far from optimal when you have health problems like ours.You need to be at least 500 and preferably 900-1000.

    Google Dr Chandy for B12 info.He is another Dr .being harassed for treating patients according to symptoms rather Han blood tests.

  • Thank you......I'll look again at my paperwork and see what the number were for those.

  • My B12 was 395 ng/L and my folate was 10.3 ng/mL

  • Do not know about folate but your B12 whilst" normal" is a long way from optimal .

  • Welcome to the forum, Kimsey1974.

    TSH >2 indicates your thyroid is struggling to produce hormone and TSH 4.57 is high normal, but NHS won't diagnose hypothyroidism until TSH is over the range, probably 5 or 6 at the lab your practice uses.

    I see no point in private testing at this stage, TSH has risen because FT4 and FT3 are low, although they are probably in normal range.

    Arrange an early morning fasting test (water only) for your next thyroid test as TSH is highest early and falls postprandially.

  • Hi You really need at lest TSH, T4 and Free T3, iron ferritin and B12 and vit D. All affect the thyroid. If GP will not test worth having the thyroid tests from Blue Horizon , all DIY with a finger prick. Then think about showing a doc.


  • It might be worth getting your 24hr cortisol saliva done privately. My results were exactly the same as yours & I too was dismissed, but symptomatic.

    My cortisol was 'just' in range, but with a low, low, low, high pattern. I also have a b12 deficiency (was 170 but now treated), v low progesterone (pcos) & grossly elevated homocysteine (genetic) so saw a private metabolic doc (Dr Peatfield) who treated me holistically & said my TSH was likely to be raised due to collective pressure from other levels. He advising treating adrenals first which would hopefully allow the thyroid then to do its job more effectively. It's early days but I'm following his protocol & taking adrenal supplements that he told be where to source. So basically, what I'm saying is that it might be worth seeing someone privately (it was £180) to look at the bigger picture & help you. Otherwise with the nhs you'll probably have to just wait for it to get worse before they'll do anything, which wasn't an option for me as I felt awful.

    Do you mind me asking what your symptoms are?

  • Well I have been trying to use the AIP to help. I have IBS and rosacea conditions. My symptoms which made me think thyroid was fatigue (quite often)/brain fog, my hair seems to have thinned, constant dry skin and I gained a significant amount of weight over the last few years and having a hard time shifting it no matter what I do. Those are the main things. I was thinking of searching for a function doctor but I have only been living in the UK for a year (from the US) and I don't even know where to find one or if they are good or not. I am on the Northants/Cambs border and near to Bedford too. Surely there is one within that area.

  • And forgot to add HBP which I take medication for.

  • Kimsey, you may find a functional Dr by looking on this website

    or looking for practitioners of ecological medicine/allergy/environmental/nutritional on

    Wishing you well

  • Thank you!

  • Have you ever previously had a TSH test?

    For me, it was the inexorable rise of TSH over many months that made it obvious something was wrong. If you do have previous results, try to plot a graph of TSH (on the left) and time (along the bottom). Mine was nearly a straight line clearly headed upwards across about six tests.

  • I don't think I have or . unsure what was tested in the US. I have high blood pressure so I would have to go in every 6 months for a blood test but it may have only been watching my liver function because of the medication.

  • What's AIP?

    Contact thyroid UK & ask for a list of recommended docs? I saw Dr Peatfield who has clinics around the country. I think he has one in Surrey. You might need to travel a bit to see a good one. I had to travel 2hrs each way.

  • AIP is Auto Immune Protocol.......its an elimination diet of foods that are typical inflammatory foods with gradual reintros to see which foods may cause the individual problems. There is a website called The Paleo Mom and a few others. If you search AIP it will bring up a lot of info. People with various auto immune diseases have found relief with it. I have heard of Dr. Peatfield. I would love to sch an appointment there if I knew where they were or how to contact them.

  • Google him he is on the web. That's what I did..good luck if you can't find him get back to me and I will find the no for you.Found no.....01883623125

  • Thank you.......after some searching I found some contact info on him. I am thinking I will try to go through NHS to possibly get a further blood test for the thyroid to give me a better picture and then go on to a private consult with him. Or does he do such testing and I can go straight to him?

  • He told me what tests he wanted me to have at the consultation e.g. 24hr urine thyroid test was the extra one he wanted from me. He gives you the details of where you can get any tests or supplements he recommends. There are various discount codes about to get money off the tests & supplements. Feel free to message me if you need any help. I'd be interested to know how you get on

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