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Hello, Any opinions welcome. I've been put on norethisterone 5 mg x 3 a day for my period that finally arrived after 4 months and lasted 14 days and kinda washed me out with it being so heavy. My Dr then referred me to gynycologist who said stay on it but take it 21 days and off 7 days well I did as I was told and when I started to bleed again after 3 days only off the tablet I was in agony passing knotty fibrous tissue and heavy bleeding. Also I'm suffering with herendous hot flush that's lasts all day and breaks into soaking wet cold sweats of a night, these have been going on for 6 weeks now and I feel sledge hammered by it. I have a pelvic and transvaginal scan next month and been told mean time to stay on this norethisterone 3 months 21/7 but I don't want to stop it at all it hell. Also what's weird is my weight has dropped by 20 pounds in 6 weeks while this has been going on and after years of low body temp my body temp is 37. Or slightly over since introduced the norethisterone. I've had reg periods all my life till now with no inbetween bleeds or pain , ive a small fibroid.

I'm on 2 and half grains only of. Naturethroid and don't feel hypo or hyper.


Peri menopausal. Age 50

Hashimotos / pernicious anaemia

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Jobeth, thanks for completing your Profile. It has been useful.

One of the reasons for prescribing norethisterone I have read is to stop periods but it is also used for other reasons too.

Do you have your latest blood test results, with the ranges even though you say you feel well on Nature-throid. It is quite common with hypothyroidism to have menstruation problems if not on an optimum.

I'm sorry you are having other unpleasant symptoms at present and I hope another member who has had a similar experience will respond.


I am getting thyroid bloods done this week to check if I'm ok.

Thyroid problems are difficult and I believe can not help Peri menopause.

I feel such a nuisance sometimes my husband's wonderful, really caring and supportive but always something with me that's a health problem.

Thank you

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What if you are just becoming menopausal, so why force having periods? Any reason? To entirely stop getting periods at age 50 isn't unusual. Average age for menopause is 52 (not for malnourished women but healthy ones).


Hello, thanks for your reply yes I am menoupausal. I was given the norethisterone just to stop the bleeding as I was getting low with the blood loss. I will stop the tablets gradually as like you say I don't want a period every month when I may not be having one anyway. However for time being progestins helped.

I'm taking iron tablets to help.

Great to be a woman at.

Thank you take care

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Hello jobeth,

I am menopausal and have experienced a load of other health issues this year.

Thyroid issues have a great impact on a woman's cycle and although you say you feel well on Naturethroid, there may be still room for improvement.

Do you have recent thyroid hormone blood test results you can post complete with ranges ( numbers in brackets) for members to comment?

Below is a link although primarily aimed at Hashi sufferers...shows the clear connection between thyroid and monthly cycles. I don't think norethisterone is your answer until all other avenues have been explored.


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Hi I was on those tablets as well for heavy periods clotting and pain. I am 47 I eventually had endometrial ablation. My gynaecologist told me that if my levels were correct I would not have so many problems - not much help as I take 175 levothyroxine. I felt terrible on the norethisterone. I will be very glad when mine. Its worth keep going back to doctors or change if you are not happy. They all have different views.


Hi there, thanks for your experience. I'll stay with them for the 3 months 21 on 7 off like gynycologist suggests. I'll get off them then. I was just washed out with the blood loss, you know how it makes you feel.

Hopfully all being well / normal with scan when I've had it. I am going to look in to bioidentical hormone replacement as I'm not going to be able to cope with these symptoms of menopause the hot and cold sweats are constant and tender swollen breasts and heavy depression and anxiety etc. I'm not gonna get a badge for putting up with it so I'm taking whatever I need topping up.

Hashimotos was a ride for 17 years now menopause. Ha oh well . Hope your alright. 😊

Take care x


I hate it but I don't know what else to take. I was bleeding heavily for 5 weeks (the latest in repeated episodes this year) and had no other choice. I'm 45 and have ovarian cysts for which I'm awaiting an MRI scan so have been told to take it continuously. It makes me extremely fatigued and dizzy, I can't concentrate on my work. So I cut it down to 1 or 2 a day. This stops the bleeding but I still feel really dizzy, like I'm going to fall over every time I stand up. I can use my brain though which I couldn't on 3 tablets a day!

The alternative is to bleed endlessly and get anaemic... hopefully I get my scan and some surgery soon and get rid of the lot! ;)


Hi, sorry for you, awful. I am taking them for just the 3 months 21 on 7 days off. Just to settle things for a while and get scan out of way end of month.

I feel ok on 3 a day sometimes 4 to keep bleeding at bay. Seems like my progesterone is low and that's why the bleeding wouldn't stop. So the norethisterone does trick for now.

Just hormones , Peri menopause.

Perhaps you could ask for something else that is more agreeable with you.

You shouldn't suffer.

Take care now


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