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starting T3 on T$

Hi could you help with T3 query please?

Currently taking Levothyroxine 125 mg everyday and 150 mg at weekends.

Confirmed lack of T3 from recent tests and consultant suggested taking 10 mg of T3 morning and evening and cutting T4 down to 75mg a day, does this sound about right? and can i take them both together?

Instructed to take my temperature and pulse to monitor where i am

Thanks in advance

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I think that's too much of a reduction in Levo - I'd reduce to 100mcg of Levo and add your 20mcg of Lio. I also wouldn't add 20mcg of Lio immediately, as some find it takes some getting used to. Start with 5mcg at each dose and if you're ok with that after a few days, raise it by another 5mcg (so 10 in the morning, 5 in the evening) and if that seems to be ok, raise again to 10mcg and 10mcg.


Can you post your results with the ranges, Wadhamk?

20mcg T3 is equivalent to 60mcg Levothyroxine and it's appropriate to reduce T4 by 50mcg IF you were optimally medicated on 125mcg.

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You can take both levo and T3 together. He has reduced levo to 75mcg plus 20mcg of T3 (which is equal to around 60mcg of levo) total approx 135mcg daily.

I hope you feel much better quite soon.

I have taken both T4/T3 together and now take T3 only, only dosed once daily.

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I with jazzw on this one.

I recently added T3 to my T4 and endo reduced my Levo too took ages to raise thyroid hormones up again so be wary.

Jazzw also gave good advise re starting protocol...low and slow.

Good luck..adding T3 has made me feel so much better.



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