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Constantly hungry

I am currently taking 2and half grains of thyroid S.for 3wks having started on one grain and gradually increased by half a grain.8 wks ago.I'm still feeling really fatigued and suffering really low appetite has increased and carntseem to stop eating.constantly craving really fatty starchy foods.I have constant brain fog and titinus.du you think I might be undermedicated or over.when I was taking levothroxine I was taking 150mgs per day.

Many thanks in advance x

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thy123, 150mcg Levothyroxine is equivalent to 2 grains NDT so you aren't taking an excessive dose. It may be the 22.5mcg T3 in 2.5 grains which is causing your increased appetite, and some members have found T3 makes their tinnitus worse. You might consider reducing NDT by 1 grain and adding in 75mcg T4 to see whether appetite decreases and tinnitus improves.


Thanks for the reply clutter .I will give that a go.x


Could be nutritional deficiencies. Have you tried taking magnesium for the tinnitus? It helped mine, I Don't notice it anymore - until somebody says tinnitus! Now I can just hear it. But it's much better than it used to be.


She thanks for the reply greygoose.what deficiencies do you think it could be .x


On this forum, we always advise people to test vit D, vit B12, folate, iron and ferritin, because all those need to be optimal for your body to use the hormone you're giving it.

But, also, if those are low, others will probably be, too. Most people are deficient in magnesium, but there isn't a decent test for that, so just try taking some, see what it does for you. Do you take vit C? If not, might be an idea to try about 1000 mcg a day. It helps you absorb your thyroid hormone.

Doctors aren't too keen on testing vits and mins, usually, because they Don't understand how important they are. But if you can manage to get those mentioned above done, it's a good start. Not advisable to start taking several different things at once, anyway.

As to what I think it might be, it could be any of them.


Thanks for that

I'm due for blood test next wk so I'll ask doctor to test everything x




Hello grey! Jumping in the thread, what magnesium do you take? My tinnitus is really bad at the moment. Thank you


I usually take magnesium citrate. :)


Thank you! There are so many out there :-)


True. But the one to avoid is magnesium oxide, because we can't absorb it. If you look through my posts on my profile, you'll find several posts about magnesium. :)


How many mgs of magnesium should I take please greygoose x


Start with about 350 and see how it goes, usually. But it dépends what strength you can get the tablets in.

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I could have posted this myself

I'm taking 25mcg levo

25 mcg t3 and I wake up starving every day

I crave fatty starchy foods

I never ate bread now I'm eating it 3x a day and I'm rapidly gaining weight

Miserable as hell x


I'm glad someone raised the subject of tinnitus, I never had it in my life until I was put on a bad brand of L-T4 at the wrong dose. It improved dramatically when I moved to Armour NDT. But, the other night I had a very hot spicy meal with a couple of glasses of strong red wine and it went away for the rest of the evening until I fell asleep! It did returned the following morning. Now, I wonder what it was in that meal that took away the tinnitus? Was it one of the spices or was it the wine? If I could track that down (and I will try) it might be a cure for thyroid induced tinnitus. (I think I'll try the red wine factor right now!)


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