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Please help.... So unwell I can't figure it out

Finding it hard to explain so gonna do my best. Me and my boyfriend had a "chat" Thursday morning and I thought it was him ending things. I got extremely upset and couldn't stop crying, my head felt really "full" and hot?? Anyway we sorted things out, a few things over the weekend still had me on edge but anyway since that morning my brain sometimes feels like it's going "whoosh", like the synapses of my brain literally get a brain wave (it feels like a wave of energy) and I've been feeling extremely spaced out and lethargic all the time. My legs feel like they can't support my body. What do I do?

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It's very difficult for anyone to comment without more detailed information. What is your diet? Are you overweight? etc...

However, everything I read these days leads to the same conclusion "If you want to fix the Brain, Fix the Gut!"

The Microbiome is constantly under attack by our western diet + Antibiotics (in meat as well as prescribed), pesticides in food etc. Plus it doesn't get replenished due to our over disinfected lifestyle. This leads to Gut issues, causing inflammation, compromised immunity & it's downhill from there.

You could try a Gluten/Wheat/Sugar Free diet for a month, see how you feel. Since you're Hypothyroid, chances are your Immune system is compromised anyway, so this should be for life.

Add a good Probiotic with at least 30 billion cultures & a Prebiotic like Bimuno.


Sounds like tired adrenals to me...... Without knowing what staus your health is its hard to comment, but have you ever looked ay getting an adrenal saliva test? About £70 from pricate labs... Have a look at testing on the homepage. Www.thyroiduk.org.uk

X. G


So, are you taking the levo? Or NDT? How much? Do you have any blood tests to share with us? By the sound of it, you could be very Under-medicated.


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