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Am writing about my daughter who has Hasimoto's. For a couple of years now she has been breaking out with hives on various parts of her body . She has seen her endocrinologist and allergist and her GP and no one has any answers for her, her endo just tells her to take anti histamine which does help to a degree but it is happening so frequently I am wondering if it isn't an auto immune situation and should she be seeing an immunologist as she is getting nowhere as of now. She called me this morning and said her whole body is covered in hives...needless to say I am concerned. When she was a young child she was diagnosed with mononucleosis which the doctors found very strange because of her age. She also had hive epidemics when she would go out in the cold in winter. She is adopted and there is no possible way of finding family history of illness's. Anyone have any suggestions or experiences out there???

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Simmers, Hashimoto's and uticaria are connected.

Suggest your daughter adopts 100% gluten-free diet which can dampen Hashi response and antibodies, and may alleviate hives. This link explains how gliadin in gluten can trigger and exacerbate autoimmune diseases and allergies


Hashi's is often caused by food sensitivities, gut issues etc..many have gone into remission by getting food sensitivity testing and avoiding certain food. google..autoimmune diet or anti inflammatory diet.


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