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uric acid level

I am hypothyroid patient and on thyroxine.I have a pain in my left foot pad from last 12 weeks.My uric acid level is 6.5 and the maximum range is 7.0.I took brufen for pain relief and massage by the brufen cream on effected area.I got only mild relief.My GP opinion is that this pain may be due to uric acid and now i am taking one tab of ALLOPURINOL ie uric acid reducing drug.Is i should take this drug? On the otherhand my uric acid level is normal.

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Naveed, your uric acid is high within normal range. Your GP may suspect you have gout and has prescribed the medication to reduce uric acid levels which can cause gout.


I'm sorry you've got pain. I wonder if your GP prescribed some T3 for you as uric acid is also a clinical symptom of hypothyroidism. If someone presents with uric acid it is recommended the test the person for hypothyroidism. Are you under-medicated?


In comparison to the prevalence reported in the general population, a significant increase of both hyperuricemia and gout was found in the hypothyroid patients, and of hyperuricemia in the hyperthyroid patients. In hyperthyroidism the hyperuricemia is due to the increased urate production, while in hypothyroidism the hyperuricemia is secondary to a decreased renal plasma flow and impaired glomerular filtration.


Ourfindings confirm the data in the literature concerning the high prevalence of hyperuricemia and gout in hypothyroidism. It shows that hyperthyroidism can cause a significant increase in serum uric acid, as well, although lower than the hyperuricemia due to thyroid hormone deficiency.


I am a 47 year old hypothyroid male, also on thyroxine, and I get flare-ups of gout every few months. Since my doctor thinks Im a hypochondriac, I dont waste my time hobbling to see him. I just:

1 - drink as much black cherry juice as I can stomach

2 - drink as much water as I can stomach

3 - take more thyroxine each day until I feel nervy and jittery, then return to my normal daily dose.

Ive found Voltarol Pain-eze Emulgel to be of some benefit when applied to the swollen area.

Ive heard that some people benefit from nettle tea, or baking soda, but I havent tried either yet.

Good Luck


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