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Any advice I've been terminated from my job in July past due to health Hashi just received letter to attend medical any advice on this would be great . Omg I've a Sickline in one hand an a medical in the other so frrrrn angry ive worked all my life an now have to attend this for what they call enough to live on pathetic an I'm sure the individual who works as the assessor will be the typical stereotype. Hard man woman syndrome . Eugh

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  • Donnanomore

    I am really sorry your job was terminated. A member who is au fait with Employment Law may be able to help. Maybe edit your heading by - click the down arrow next to "follow post" click edit and put in a heading to draw the attention to your post.

    I hope someone can help as it is ridiculous to be sacked because you have a lifetime disease and are probably undertreated or not given a hormone replacement which suits you. No wonder you're very angry. Anyone would be. We have no control over our bodies that has a thyroid gland dysfunction.

  • Thanks shaws i know it's frustrating but have to carry on regardless 😁

  • Yes, you just cannot lie down and take any old rubbish. Ask if the person is medically qualified? can they explain what Hashimoto's is?. Is it Hypothyroidism or an Autoimmune Thyroid Disease. Do the hormones fluctuate or not, by sometimes having too much hormones flooding your body or not sufficient? Are thyroid hormones necessary for our bodies to function to the optimum level. Are they required by the billions of cells in our bodies?

    Let them answer but I bet they know squat.

    If they say that your bloods are 'in range' ask if that includes only the TSH and what do they say your Free T3 is? (It would be good to get it tested beforehand so that you know if it is too low which means you cannot function normally).

  • Thanks I am waiting on my bloods had them all done last week πŸ˜πŸ‘

  • The only knowledge i have with regard to the medical is take a friend with you who can back how you actually are with the illness and any medical information about the condition. How helpful to you is your gp or consultant, will he/ she back up how debilitating is has been and or likely to be in the future.

    I had a friend who went through similar because of type1 diabetes and was dismissed from work because he had to take too much time off.

  • Thank you my daughter is a social worker she will go with me I am seriously not right I havnt been anywhere in the last 7 mths because of this deceasr thank you again 😁

  • Just for info as I know hashi's is very tricky to treat. Although Dr Toft said that levo should be prescribed I know some don't do very well on it alone.

  • Thanks I will keep on reading even tho my doc said ... You read to much . Lol I am considering going priv or self medicate just waiting for these bloods coming back . Thanks again for all your advice much appreciated 😁

  • d.n.m. , just remember to have the facts , and your actual readings - together with the ranges - with you when your there .....because if shaws has stated that is is more than likely that the ' pleb' in front of you will know damn all about this condition YOU CAN PROVE AND EDUCATE THEM ..... I am absolutely certain that you know more about thyroid problems than he/she will ever know [ if they don't put themselves out ] ....if you blind them with approved medical facts they will never be able to dispute your evidence that they know nothing about ..... believe me this way does really work .....alan x

  • Thanks a. Love the lingo pleb right up my street 😁😁😁

  • the latin for it is ......persona limbo exista bul++hiter ..... methinks it sums many up [ atos /politicians etc . ] to say but a few ....alan

  • Totally πŸ‘

  • Hi

    It's awful isn't it am sorry to hear this...I too worry a lot about work as I have had loads of time off through this condition...perhaps go to Citizens Advice if you haven't already? They may well be able to help you see a way forward...take your letters with you etc...and a friend who will support you.

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