Overactive thyroid awaiting general anaesthetic for elective surgery (not thyroid related)

I have over active thyroid. My last readings were TF4 low/normal TSH 0.05. I am due a general anaesthetic on Monday for elective surgery not thyroid related and I'm worried how I will react to the general anaesthetic! Has anyone been in the same or similar position who can advise!?!?

Thanks xx

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  • What kind of medication are you taking (if any)? A low/normal FT4 is not what you would expect from someone with an overactive thyroid, instead you would expect it to be very high.

    The combo of low/normal FT4 and very low TSH is more suggestive of someone with central or secondary hypothyroidism than hyperthyroidism.

  • I take carbimazole 20mg daily. My FT4 originally was I believe somewhere in the 20's but I have been told over active the whole way through but never any symptoms of either!!

  • It may have been 26 but now is 14!!

  • Ah, okay. As long as the low/normal FT4 is with you being on medication, then my response is meaningless. Sorry, I hope I didn't make you panic.

  • No problem.. I really don't understand all the figures they quote and the TSH level is so low I'm amazed I have no symptoms!?!

  • I am sure the anaethetist will be aware of how best to take care of you and wish you well on your surgery.

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