T3 names prices?

Hi all recently diagnosed and started treatment low dosage 25 mcg levo but a few people have recommended trying small dose of t3 as well.. My question is I've seen so many different names and prices and does any of this matter? On one site one brand was £3.99 claiming to be 25mcg liothyronine sodium...

A different brand of them were then around £20 for the same amount of tablets and same 'active ingredient'??

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  • Tiromel is weak compared to Cynomel and considerably cheaper. I'm finding it useless and my health has deteriorated considerably.

  • Right thanks!!!

    Thylexan??? Is the one I was looking at

    So really the cheaper ones are less effective?

  • Clutter speaks sense, I would keep to Thyroxine first as around 85% of sufferers do well on it. You can't expect instant results with thyroid meds, you'll also need to ensure that vitamins and minerals are at a good level.

    Five weeks is no time at all, be patient!

  • Natj, Cynomel which C-G preferred was one of the cheapest available online but isn't currently in production. Branded Cytomel is incredibly expensive @ $258 for 100 x 25mcg but doesn't suit everyone. UK Liothyronine is £152 for 28 x 100mcg. I don't find it superior to Tiromel 100 x 25mcg which costs <€3 otc in Turkey.

  • Really? It's strange isn't it.. The ones my friend had was called thylexan but she said she bought them from the UK?

  • Natj, it's illegal to sell prescription only meds in the UK without prescription. The site is unlikely to be based in the UK although it might claim it is.

  • Natj, It's premature to add T3 to Levothyroxine when you've only recently been diagnosed. It takes up to six weeks to absorb and metabolise Levothyroxine before you can expect fatigue to improve.

    25mcg T4 is a very low dose. You should have a follow up blood test to check levels 6 weeks after you started Levothyroxine as it's likely your dose will need to be increased. Arrange the blood test as early in the morning as possible and fast (water only) as TSH is highest early and before food.Take your Levothyroxine tablet after the blood draw.

    Check the cost of p&p on the site offering T3 for £3.99. One offers cheap T3 but the p&p is £16+.

  • Yes it was £21 postage!!!

    Ok thanks, I have a week or so before seeing my doctor again that will be 6 weeks then!!!

    I take my Levo at night 2:30-3 hours after last eating will that make a difference to my test? :-)

  • Natj, best to leave 24 hours between last dose and blood draw as it can affect the test. Skip the night time dose and take it immediately after your blood draw. Take your evening dose as usual.

  • Ok I'll do that!

    Apparently I'm not 'greatly' under active but very symptomatic ! The one thing I have noticed since taking it is that I'm waking up extremely groggy!!!

  • Natj, it's very early days yet, you may need a dose increase before much improves. I empathise with the waking up groggy, it's something I've had all my life. Have never been one of those people who wakes alert and brimming with get up and go.

  • Not me but it's got worse since taking levo!

    Maybe so but she seemed sure all I'd need is the 25mcg!! We will see😉

  • Yes I will hang on until I see my doctor thank you!

    And after doing research a few have said the same about thylexan!!!

    I would appreciate the link

    Someone sent me one the other day and she had to pay by western u Union to Greece?? Maybe it's the same one ? 😄

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