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My complaint went through

After my failure of appointment with very young endo sent by main endo, which I was supposed to meet I made a complaint to NHS and it went through! I am so happy, the main endo who I was supposed to see at the first place wants to see me! I have been prepared for the first visit but, how do you think I should deal with it now, after all it's post complaint... I expect him to take the other endos side and I want to do my best to convince him, that she was mistaken. Any advises appreciated. Thanks!

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You might get lucky and find that the Endo agrees that the younger doctor shouldn't have dismissed your symptoms so quickly. From what you say, it sounds like you were seen by one of the junior doctors the endo was supposed to be supervising at the time - that doctor almost certainly wasn't a qualified endo. In the UK junior doctors do 4-6 month learning stints with specialist consultants for different medical conditions, so for example, do 4-6 months endocrinology, 4-6 months general medicine, 4-6 months ear nose and throat, etc. They're suppose to refer back to the consultant they're with after every consultation to report what they think and see if the consultant agrees. Sometimes the consultant will then come and see you himself, or will tell the junior doctor to send you on your way. Sometimes the junior doctors start consultations on their own, because the consultant is doing ward rounds elsewhere in the hospital, or is late to work for some reason.

For whatever reason, you didn't see the man himself, so hopefully this time you will. I'd stick to the "but in my own country I am being treated" line and see where that goes. There is some evidence that giving thyroid replacement therapy to those with autoimmune thyroiditis (Hashimoto's) slows down the rate of attack. When's your new appointment? Hopefully you don't have to wait too long?


Well my problem is that I'm in France on job atm, I have been flying back to UK to see doctors. I will be back at the end of October and most likely that's when my appointment will take place. However we are trying to chose earlier date if it will match my days off and flights. I already set my ultrasound for November, and appointment with polish endo also for November. It loos like I have to wait this 2 months but I hope it will be worth it, otherwise I will stick to my country. And anyway no matter what endo in uk says I hope my ultrasound will back me up... I know whats in there but they need to see it themselves to believe me I guess.


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