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Mental health issues

There have been a few posts recently regarding members having been diagnosed with Schizophrenia and I do know many people have been diagnosed with mental illness before they are diagnosed, finally, as hypothyroid.

I have been reading a small book on Nutrition and Mental Illness (An Orthomolecular Approach to Balancing Body Chemistry) by Carl C Pfeiffer, Ph.D. M.D.

Within this is a list of 'Well Known' causes of the above illness and in a list of 9 number 4 states Hypothyroidism. It then gives 'Less Well known' of 10 then 'Almost Unknown' of 10.

The following chapters give information on how to identify them and, most important of all, how nutrition can help and correct.

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I too shaws have often wondered the thyroid levels of people with mental illnesses, such as depression, schizophrenic, bi polar. etc., along with others such as Autism, ASD, PDA, (Pathological Demand Avoidance,) Asperger's, ADHD, and Tourettes. etc..

I remember spotting two tourette members on a tourette online forum site talking to each other and saying that taking T3 had reduced their tics, so I wouldn't be surprised if it all connected up somehow. Have had thoughts on that for a while.


The book I am reading is very interesting in that they (who deal only with the brain) found that many were deficient in zinc and B3 (or B2/B1). They also tested urine and found that in some patients with a 'mauvish' tint in it might be very low in zinc as they're don't absorbing it. (this is a very rough quote). The also treat children with autism/adhd.

I have to read it properly as I have only read the first 2 paras so far.


Very interesting, I have not heard about B1/B2, B3 and Zinc linking in before, shaws.


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