Moving to France from the UK - GP recommendation Please.

Hello I am moving from the UK to 18350 Cher France. Can anyone recommend an English speaking Doctor and any advice etc you can give me on registering in the area etc.

Plus, I would like to talk to english speaking people who are in this area as well

Many Thanks Ness x

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  • Hi Ness, if you don't get an answer from someone in France, I can suggest you go on the French yellow pages ( and ask for doctors in the area you're interested in. You'll be able to see their area on the map too so you’ll be able to choose the one nearest to you. For finding English speaking people, you could ask the doctor's secretary or google the city you live in and it might advertise some publications in English or teachers of English.

    The French will appreciate you trying to speak their language though.

    Good luck!

  • Thank you Rebec.......That is on my to do list to learn french, I have been trying to learn via a CD collection I purchased via Amazon i just need to practise it now. Pretty scared to speak french as I haven't spoke it for over 30 years and that was a school xxxx

  • It will be easier when you are surrounded by French people and hear the language all the time. Do you want me to send you the list of gp? Where in the Cher do you live?

  • Hi Ness, Now that I know your particular area, I was able to find a whole list of GPs for you to choose from, and here it is:édecin+généraliste&ou=Chaumont+en+Cher&proximite=0

    Hope you can find at least one doctor near your future address. Anyway, in August almost every French person is on holiday, because I suppose there is nobody ill around either :-) so it's better to wait for September before you contact any doctor.

    Bonne chance!

  • Rebec the local doctor surgeries or medical centres don't close August. If doctor is on holiday anytime, there is always a Locum to stand in.

  • Thank you Rebec. I will look at the link you sent me and will let you know as I don't move out there to 4th September. We have a farmhouse in 18350 Chaumont

    France. Looking forward moving out there xx

  • Hi Ness, I know a doctor in Paris. It's pretty far from the place where you will be living, but tell me if you are still interested.

  • Lovely. Many thanks.....I will let you know. xx

  • Have you tried joining any expat forums, very handy for many subjects!

    We are members of this one, but for Italy

  • Just joined now. Many Thanks Silver_Fairy xx

  • Hi Ness, I live no where near the Cher, all specialists I've met and both doctors have spoken some English, but not all do. Do you know what town or village you will be living in? your question is very broad for specific answers, All pharmacy's do supply Thyroxin, it's probable the nearest pharmacy to you may know if any local doctor specifically speaks English. You'll have your English EHIC card, so that and a copy of last UK prescription should help you out in an emergency situation, till registered with a Doctor and then the French Medical system. CPAM.

    There are expat websites, French, also Survive France Network, you could join one of them, and ask questions pertinent to doctors who speak English near where you will be living I.e. start a discussion. Then you likely get replies from someone in same Department if not town or village. A lot of legwork to do online I'm afraid, bur research is the key.

    As only seen your post tonight the 9th,, I guess you have Been there a week nearly, Good luck.

  • Thank you Sambs.

    I've only been living here under a week now and loving it. Even though I purchased my farmhouse last year. xxx

  • Hope you found the local doc and pharmacy now :-)

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