Having a bad day :(

Having a bad day :(

I've been having a rough day, week, month, year, life. :( getting paper work ready for endocrinologist and came across this paper I did up in 2009, before my second breakdown. I knew nothing about thyroid back then, but to me all symptoms back then pointed to thyroid. After researching this last week about hypothyroid symptoms, I am just crushed. My life has been devastated this past 9 years and I'm still suffering. What do you think.

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I went for a very rare (at the time) doctor's appointment in 2006 but I think I've been hypo since early childhood with hyper phases due to diet and stress. Now that I have access to my records I can see the testing for problems and the inaction, or watching and waiting as they'd probably prefer to have it called. Last year, after a health crisis, I still had to go through three tests before treatment was eventually started. Nowadays, little things like not being prescribed horse pills in a smaller size I can swallow more easily are things that can make me flip. I hit a bad patch ten weeks ago, but there's been an improvement since, and I hope you'll be able to cherish improvements to your health during your own journey, too.

Hi Candytuff,

Yes...all symptoms for hypothyroidism that should / could have been picked up decades ago, saving you years of anguish, ill health and misery!!

My story is the same and now my hormones are so ------ up, I feel a different person half the time. I know I am an intelligent and articulate person but like you my memory randomly ..... goes!!!

I recently found relief by adding T3 to my T4 but that's been put on hold temporarily whilst I dose increase.

I find memory loss to sap my confidence and abilities just to cope in every day life....and then suddenly I get relief and feel better for a while....and then the cycle starts again.

Do you have periods of relief too?


Look on Thyroid UK site for the symptom list ,you may find even more that are applicable.

When you get your test results post them with the ranges for comment.

you should have TSH, FT4 , FT3 ,antibody tests and .vit D3, vit B12, ferritin,and folate.

Hi Treepie,

Candytufts test results are at the link


I think this was more about missed symptoms.


Hopeless at tech,just what's in front of me!

Oh I have days like that Treepie...in fact whole weeks, months, years in fact.

Take care Sweetie


I too had my life crushed by missed symptoms and doctors not knowing what to do with my very low thyroid for decades. It's wrecked my life. I truly feel now that somebody some day has to take the bull by the horns and go to court to sue the doctors for negligence. I met a lady this week whose 23 year old daughter had thyroid blood test; it came back as just over the ok level. Despite all her glaring symptoms she still was not medicated in any way. So that confirmed to me that what happened to me is still happening. Very best wishes

The same thing happened to me, until I kicked up merry hell. One size fits all medicating. Makes me livid.

Same (in 2009-2010 too). I even had appointments at a leading teaching hospital's endocrinology dept, and I already had an autoimmune thyroid disease diagnosis but was put on watch and wait. By this time I was so ill I just gave up. I felt completely dismissed and abandoned. I already had other debilitating chronic health problems, and this was the straw that broke the camel's back, so to speak. My life has completely fallen apart since 2008.

So I eventually self treated with NDT. My life is still fallen apart, but I am doing better than I was in many respects re: the Thyroid problems. I just feel angry and sad sometimes that I wasted my late 20s/early 30s on being bed/housebound when a doctor actually could have helped me with some of what was causing me to be in that state.

Like many thousands of members, your experience seems to run the course. Doctors appear to be unaware of any clinical symptoms - never been taught them as older doctors were during medical training (their were no blood tests then either).

Neither do they think of taking a blood test for our thyroid hormones but if they do and the TSH is 'in range' we are dismissed as not hypothyroid. Some links from Thyroiduk.org.uk. I, too, am another who was never diagnosed by any doctor or specialist.



There has to be thousands again who are diagnosed with mental health conditions when it is their thyroid gland which is playing up and are given medication for the 'symptom' but no thyroid hormones.

Looks like the list I brought to my endo and pulmonary docs a couple of weeks ago. Neither one of them would even look at it. Neither would they order tests to find out more info. These are private docs in a private hospital so insurance was not an issue.

I have also been to other docs who would not even explore the possibilities that some of my research could have some information for them.

You are not alone. At the moment I can barely walk across the room because of breathing issues that have become severe since starting the thyroxin and I am probably killing my liver from all of the tylenol I am taking for the headaches.

My grandson was here to visit me and we did a lot of walking. I was having a little problem but was able to do quite a bit. Then I went off armour because my numbers got high again, went back on thyroxin and breathing got worse again. I had been on thyroxin previously but switched because of breathing problems. Now one month after my grandson left I can barely get out of bed.

It took me years of being told I was being neurotic and menopausal, by my GP. Not sleeping, living a half life. pull yourself together, have some HRT, theres plenty worse off than you. you know the picture. Finally i got levothyroxine. I still dont feel better. Initially i did. Now it seems there are other complications. I am not me any more. I cant live the life I loved. I have had to give up so much. the old surgery was useless. Now,at last, after 25 years of misery, I am seeing an endo. Will it do any good? I am not holding my breath.

I have a simar story to tell but I don't have the energy to write it all down. My journey started Hyper from around 7 years old. I am now 51. Thought NDT was going to be the answer until that was reduced and went back to feeling like shit! My opinion although strong is that a life with no quality is not worth living 😞

Ten weeks ago my "executive functioning" was much diminished and I wondered if I had MS. Nothing done about low serum calcium so I doubled Vit D3 as well as getting more sunshine. Have also been "grounding" - barefoot in the garden. Several symptoms have resolved and I'm feeling much more contented and now willing to undertake light exercise. Much better than waking up sobbing! Hang in there!

vit d3 levels need to be over 50 to feel well

Candytuff-please see my post above!

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